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I have a Haflinger in right now, I've worked with him this whole spring and early summer at his owner's house he was very green to riding and didn't even know how to canter under saddle, so I did a little groundwork and then started riding him. I'm super happy within 2 days he had completely changed, very soft in the face and on the lung line, backing up, yielding, and overall just being respectful! Rode home this evening with no issues whatsoever! Just goes to show, do not stop doing groundwork no matter how trained or good that horse is under saddle, and never skip it either, it's the key for a well-mannered safe riding mount. I will not be posting for a couple of weeks, I'm going to CO on vacation so I won't be training in the time period!

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22yr old looking for a sweetheart

Her skin was smooth like a butter! There was not even a millimeter gap between us!! You donno. I kissed her, starting from her toe, knee, thighs, her navel n ended up in her lips!! For all who donno the way to heaven, here it is!!

22yr old looking for a sweetheart

And within some 5 mins, we both slept!! I hugged her immediately and we kissed each other!! I searched for the key, but the lock system was kinda new to me and it doesnt contain any key!

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I continued it for almost 20 mins!! Oh god, yar great! Her hair was awesome and i gone mad! A gal, am telling all these, unnaku enna?? And now its a uphill task for me to remove her bra, coz the hooks were at the back!! She sweetheadt holding my hand and was in deep sleep! Our lips were still locked! My lips in her lips, my hands were not exactly on her breast, but somewhere near it!

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I will not be posting for a couple of weeks, I'm going to CO on vacation so I won't be training in the time period! Ha ha, wen a gal talks in a sexy tone, not even AR Rahman can match tat!! I just kept my hand on her forehead sweetheaart she closed her eyes!

She opened her eyes! Her eyes were tightly closed! And it was 6am in the morning, i woke up!!

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I can feel the warmth in her body and that had made both of us even more romnatic!! She smiled and so did i!! And without dress, it adds more beauty to them!!

22yr old looking for a sweetheart

And all of a sudden, she gave a big jerk and immediately pulled my hair and raised me up!! I went down! She closed her eyes tightly her hands holding my another hand tightly! Hotel Sangeetha, its kinda a 3 star hotel, not realy but! Have anyone heard about passionate kiss?? I kissed okd her eyes then! I went down again, tasted the mountains!! We locked each other again!!

Just a finger is enough to please a girl! This time i responded to her!! I just went above, my eyes luking her eyes, both feeling each others warm breath, my lips facing her sweethearr may be a gap of 1cm!! I expected her to stop me, but to my surpise she dint react anything as we were busy kissing!! I proceeded! And my hand went down n touched her bare body for the first time!!

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Oh man, till now i thot like her tongue is the tastiest thing in the world! Her hands holded my hands tightly!

22yr old looking for a sweetheart

But my mind was in no mood in listening me! Her eyes were closed!!

22yr old looking for a sweetheart

Not even one, there were two:!!! I donno wat does shy means, but i understood it on that day!! We locked our lips for almost 15 mins! And wen i raised her slip to some extent, i stopped!! She gave a jerk!