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Call between the hours of a. Monday through Friday. Government Printing Office WMhincton. Where old s appear without a newplease consult the translation table on s These phone changes, in the form of a translation table from old to newcan be found on s -

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The purpose of this equipment is to communicate with the hearing impaired. Relocation of Telephone Equipment Under no circumstances should employees relocate telephone instruments.

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Brooks W AfM Director! For other sections of the directory, updates should be coordinated with Leilani Giroux, administrative assistant for directory publications, on after August 23, FTS charges are computed on the following basis: 1 The time the esclrt Is made day, evening, night 2 The duration of the phone call In minutes 3 The distance of the transmission in miles Control of FTS Usage All employees and their supervisors are personally responsible for control of telephone usage.

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Under no circumstances should the commercial repair operator be contacted as this can result in unnecessary repair charges. The NDPD Telecommunications Branch will continue to inform administrative personnel and employees about these upcoming changes. Washington W EPA Dial the 7-dlgrt telephone. Their claws are adapted for climbing these trees which provide both escorf and water for the koala.

November 14, Whan Implementation Is complete, sometime InIt will service approximatelyFederal government lines in 68 locations. Sincerely, Donald W.

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Beardsley W Secretary Judith E. It can accommodate up to uses concurrently or In any combination.

Of course, we have provided a listing of both Hd s and new WITS s for the 2355 of our users. The E-Mail directory will return in future editions of the directory and for the interim, all EPA box s in the Alphabetical, Organizational, and Regional directories are valid for use on the new system. Local Non-Government Calls Dial "9" and the seven-digit.

ALL telephone s will change. According to RRMR 41 CFR Partofficial business may Include personal emergency calls and calls determined by the agency to be necessary in the interest of the government. For example: A short direct call may be used to set up a return FTS call. They are often found in large groups and move swiftly on both land and in the water.


In addition, an unrestricted Una la available in the Washington Telecommunications Center facsimile service area, after August Call between the hours of a. Thompson M Judge Spencer T. The last four digits of each phone wiN not change. If the line Is busy, press the swttchhook 8211 to deactivate the transfer and return to your original caller.

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Employees should promptly inform their AO of equipment or services which are no longer needed. Davis W8R. This listing has temporarily taken the place of our E-Mail section whle the agency is undergoing transition to the All-in- One system with esdort user capabilities. The locator provides directory assistance information name, phonelocation, mail code on EPA Headquarters and most field employees to both EPA employees and the public.

Jennings W EPA It Is suggested that H a collect call must be accepted, the employee accepting the call should take the calling parties name and and return the call over the FTS network. All local calls should be either personal emergencies as defined on the first of this section, or for official business only.

Government Printing Office WMhincton. For more information, call after August 23, If you have any questions or need further Information about the TDD equipment, please use the voice lines listed below associated with the program office. If you call a and it is answered then EPA Is charged for the call, even though the party with whom you wish to speak Is not available.

FTS Is a ttation-to-etatton dial system. If commercial service must be used, select the most economical rate for the service required.

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Third Party Calls Due to escrot costs and the availability of other calling options. The last four digits of each phone could also change. Scheduling of these services Is available on a first come, find serve basis.

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Evans Secretary Patricia A. The removal escirt any telephone equipment from EPA premises will be considered theft, which may result in arrest and prosecution for theft.

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The new telephone s were not available at the time of publication and are not published in this book. A Director Diane N. Escorrt call produces a message unit charge which is billed to the agency.

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Sielen W Secretary Unda E. Hecht W Secretary Wendy M.

Dial 9 -i- the 7-dlgtt telephone. The new exchange for both commercial and FTS is "". Each organization will be held responsible for expenses incurred by calling the commercial repair operator.