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About sharing image copyrightFIN It is one of Facebook's fastest growing communities and has become such a phenomenon that last week, Mark Zuckerberg asked to meet its founder. Lafies what is Fin? Female IN or Fin is a "secret" Facebook group that has recently clocked up over a million members, largely from Nigeria. But it's a secret that founder Lola Omolola wants you to know all about - if you're a woman that is. Though it has a vaguely romantic air, secret is just Facebook terminology, Ms Omolola says.

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He also wanted the series to be fast-paced.

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We're shooting the girls picking swedes and beets, trying to look as cold as possible despite the sweltering heat. Ms Omolola says she has been the subject of concerted attacks by church groups. Annie s up herself and her lookung sister Bea so they can escape their abusive father. Above anything else, Finsters are not allowed to judge each other.

Any negative comments are removed, as is the member who posts them.

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After the local military hospital is bombed, the patients and staff relocate to Hoxley Manor. Samantha says they ask women "to provide as much information as possible", such as screenshots of incriminating conversations. We hope to pay tribute, not only to the many lives that were lost in the Second World War, but also to the land girls who played such an important role on the home front.

The on which Marie posted was fpr suspended by Facebook, and the post is no longer up on the site.

The posts are brutally honest but many of them are laced with self-deprecating humour. About make it on the.

It means invitation-only - you need to know a member to get in. About sharing image captionClaire wanted to warn other women about her ex-partner, who abused her Thousands of UK women are naming and shaming their exes on closed Facebook groups - their claims ranging from infidelity to violence, rape and child abuse. She also spoke to a former land girl who gave her some inside knowledge. It proved to be such a success with our viewers that I'm delighted to be able to announce the commission of a second series".

The group, withmembers on its main national and regional s with s ranging from the hundreds to 40, promotes itself as a place where women can warn others of an ex-partner, or someone on a dating site.

A group of ladies looking for bbc

Gemmell added that the second series was ladiees to film especially for the team behind the scenes. A similar suspension happened to Samantha's regional after it broke "community standards" - but control of the was later handed back. Land Girls is Hizli's first television role. She also worries women ing the groups are "not getting the right expert information and support they need" from qualified professionals, and that images of domestic abuse on the s risk causing psychological harm and triggering damaging memories.

She had had an idea to start something for some time - a forum where Nigerian women lookingg talk openly about the issues that affected them.

A group of ladies looking for bbc

Hoxley Manor was created using Arbury Hall in Nuneaton. Marie went to the police. But she's not worried. Allegations range from cheating and catfishing pretending to be someone else online to serious abuse cases - with the alleged perpetrator's name, location and photo given. Her ex-partner's full name, location and picture were posted on the site by a friend - alongside the allegation that he had raped Marie's young daughter. They, along with John Yorkeproducer Erika Hossington and the directors, then began working to finalise the scripts.

But that may be a long way off. Feeling she had been let down, Marie's friend posted about the man in the group to warn others about him being near their children.

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One woman speaks about the moment she told her parents she was about to have as a single girl of 17, another about finally being accepted as a lesbian by her mother after many years. But it's a secret that founder Lola Omolola wants you to know all about - if you're a woman that is. Claire describes herself as just one of "an army of women, looking out for each other all across the country".

We hope it'll be seen by as wide an audience as possible.

Joyce wants to serve her country lookking her husband. It added: "However, for criminal allegations such as sexual harassment or assault we recognise that it's important that people have the ability to raise awareness, therefore in these instances, depending on the context, we will leave these comments up. The three-year-old had begun having night terrors and become incontinent, when she told her mother that "Daddy hurt me" - leading Marie to suspect the abuse.

A group of ladies looking for bbc

There is also the possibility that women posting allegations could end up in lookig being prosecuted for libel, she says. Female IN or Fin is a "secret" Facebook group that has recently clocked up over a million members, largely from Nigeria.

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And it's him that Ms Omolola traces her early feminism to. One contains a database of men who can be searched by name, to see if there has been an alert about the individual. Farms are governed by so many rules and subsidies and have to be very careful about what land they use. Her ex was charged with battery. As the girls adapt to their fod surroundings and begin the hard work, their lives begin to change. He had to serve community laeies, but then returned to her home town. Her father loiking a part-time businessman and was often at home with the children while her mum worked as full-time haematologist.

Nancy is forced into ing the Women's Land Army when female conscription begins.

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And she's doing interviews for the first time. The actual reality of war sets in when someone in authority is challenging her patriotism. The women have ed the Women's Land Army for different reasons but share the same goal — to help win the war.