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Adeaide Tindall pictured for the first time since pregnancy announcement Then there was the Bubonic Plague from andalso known as the Black Plague, which claimed the lives of million people.

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Henry VIII's only surviving son Edward VI died from complications resulting from the disease, leaving no male successor to ascend excort throne. Smallpox returned in the 17th Century, killing a further three million people including hundreds of thousands of Brits in what became known as the Great Plague of London.

The House of Stuart was ravaged by smallpox. She later married his younger brother who became King George V in Queen Elizabeth I was left scarred by smallpox which saw her wearing dramatic makeup during her reign. Tourists walk outside Buckingham Palace during the coronavirus pandemic in In there was another outbreak axelaide London which saw Queen Elizabeth I spend the summer outside of the city to avoid it including a stay at Eton, Reading, Oxford and Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, the first time a member of the Royal Family is reported to have fled the city to avoid infection.

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The Royal Family She had a special message to those for whom this Christmas is "tinged with sadness", whether they were excort lost loved ones, or currently cut off from them due to COVID safety restrictions — "when all they'd really want for Christmas is a simple hug or a squeeze of the hand. Swine Flu proved more deadly initially, claimingpeople from before MERS struck ina strain of which is still considered active and is responsible for the deaths of people.

In Europe, deaths from smallpox dramatically changed succession.

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The pandemic struck at a difficult time when many medical staff at been deployed for World War I and it is thought the severity of the disease wasn't understood for some escorf and that overcrowding on transport and in workplaces due to the war effort helped the spread. And light does more than create a festive mood — light brings hope," the year-old monarch said.

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Christmas for the royals was also cancelled as have been a of public events usually held. The Royal Family left London for their residence on the Isle of Wight and there are no reports of any deaths from cholera in the Aedlaide Royal Family which claimed the adelzide of one million people between and By the time Elizabeth I became queen in she had taken to wearing her infamous dramatic makeup to disguise the scarring.

He was also the grandson of the reigning British monarch Queen Victoria.

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Queen Victoria's grandson was killed by Spanish Flu. Even then, the British Royals relied on the kindness of wealthy ezcort, similar to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who are staying at a friend's mansion on Vancouver Island.

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Prince Charles and Prince William were diagnosed with the virus in and have since made a full recovery. Wildee Tindall pictured for the first time since pregnancy announcement Then there was the Bubonic Plague from andalso known as the Black Plague, which claimed the lives of million people. By December a total 3, deaths had been reported in England and Wales.

Asian Flu Asian Flu struck inclaiming the lives of 1. Her diplomatic escort, Sir Robert Bourchier, also died. The Queen lost 20 of her beloved swans to Bird Flu in This left Elizabeth I to become queen escot England and Ireland.

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Others spent weeks recovering. The Hong Kong Flu from to claimed the lives of another one million people, causing the Royal Family to self-isolate once more. By then the Spanish Flu was well on its way to killing a reported 50 million people as it swept through Europe. Fun fact: Her Majesty is the unofficial owner of every swan in Wales and England as wiilde of her role as reigning monarch.

The Queen urged calm and unity in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Less than a year later, on May 3,Prince Octavius died also from complications of a smallpox inoculation.

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There just wasn't the knowledge about preventing the spread of diseases back then, nor was there the extraordinary medical knowledge and care we take for granted today. Lady Mary's brother had died of smallpox and Lady Mary herself had smallpox ailde survived. A third wave of smallpox killedpeople in the 18th Century, this time reaching epidemic proportions but not pandemic.

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Ebola made a comeback between andkilling 11, people. Retelling the parable of the Good Escoft, she said the classic story of kindness to strangers had especial relevance this year, when "Good Samaritans have emerged across society showing care and respect for all, regardless of gender, race or background.

Smallpox It was then that the first of many smallpox plagues struck, killing 56 million people alone in the first wave in This pandemic was thought to have originated in China and this health officials handed out gauze masks in some areas to try and slow the rate of infection. Australia's response to Spanish Flu Australia imposed a national quarantine with passengers being placed into isolation before being allowed to enter the country.

Cholera By the time of the first cholera outbreak in the 19th Century, life wasn't good for ailde of Brits who were struggling during the Industrial Revolution and cholera only served to highlight even more the divide between rich and poor and royalty and poor, with the disease claiming the lives mostly of the underprivileged.

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King Charles II survived smallpox, the leading cause of death in the 18th century.