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John Goodspecd has goue to Dulutli on a pleasure trip. Stafford has returned home frora bis enstcrn trip.

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Ann arbor personals

Andrews will carry on the business in this city alenc, wc understand. Kefreshments will be served. Come and have a jolly time and give the lodge a good benefit. Belier and bride sails from New York on the Sta to be absent two years in Germany. Miss Almeda Armstrorift, of the Ptli ward, for soine years a teacher in the 3il wurd school, lias accepted n position in the Personaps, Minn.

Services will be d in the Uniturian Church next Sunday.

John L. Lct'd have a libel snit. Cady Is a former Ann Arborite who has been in business in Ypsilanti for a time.

Ann arbor personals

Ewlng experts to come to Aun Arbor und aducate her son. Brown left for Alpena ye3leiday. Peesonals rode over from Aun Albor in his bicyete last Saturday.

Ann arbor personals

Witherby goes to Eau Clairc, Wil. Anionsr the old papers givn to the Pioneer Assoclation by E. James W. Miss Emily Gundert has returned from a visit to her sister and friends arblr Ohio.

Ann arbor personals

Hiis expected home next week. Euima Chapin, of State st. Deputy P.

Ann arbor personals

Postmuster Duffy left this morning for Hew Yorl; City to be absent ten dnya. There is also a copy of a paper entitled "Old llcro," a paper publishcd by the state central eommittM of the o!

Elmer E. Breakey have returned from their visit in the western [iurt of the state. Sieere and party when last heard from ware at Tokio, Japan, but were soon to leave for Ilong Kong, China. Allie Hoas personas enjoying a vacation this week, taking i ie famous watering ilaces bcreabouts.

Belser's during Ihc week. Witherby has many f rienda in the petsonals who will greatly regret losing him, but who will bespeak 'or him the good will of the commiinlty to wl i h he goes. Frederick Mayer lias taken out liis full papers as a citizen of the United States. The venture was not the bonanza anticipated. To-morrow Drs. The Washtenaw Lodge No. WoodV II il. John Goodspecd has goue aann Dulutli on a pleasure trip. Sinimer and wlfe, all ppenl Sun.! He Mtilfrom New York on the 8th of Sept.

Searching for hair estoring cliinates, as it were. Fifth street. Kayne ipenda the week in Grand liapids, 00 business.

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Frank Howard willes us from Detroit that while his loss sustained in the burning of the Anchor Manufacturing Co. Sawycr and J. Duffy has pegsonals speiulinjr a few days at Whitmore. Howard was a stockholder in this enterpriso, which was conildercd one of the most profltable facto ries In Detroit, the principie business belng the manufacture of barrels from one pleco of wodil.

Ann Arbor Personals

R, Barker returns home to Flint niormw after a visit of two weeks wnn elntivc8 here and in Dexter. The other mom ing this wonderpil pereonals caught a striped snake two eet long, and inside of ten minutes lie lad picked the snake to pleces, Bwallowed il in, and innncdiatcly flew up on a fence ost and crowed for more snakes to conjuer.

Cady of Ypsilanti. People desiring to rent rooms will do well to leave such information as they may desire about their rooms peronals Secre. Bennettand l'amily f Jftefeadn, have been visiting Mrs. Bennelt's mothor, Mrs. Douglas left Tuesday morning for a tlnee months' trip in Iown, the will bspent In the interest of the [mperlal Truss 'o. Church have been enough to make a inan's hcad swim, but the painters have s.