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Mopar Cruise pics the Reliant 4 wheeler was Bob Mortons?

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I see a MK 4 with jag irs mentioned on the custom shop thread powered,must of been the same one,couldant of been many MK 4s with irs,s There was also a pickup one that i see down the cruise. Sorry i never got to any of those shops.

Bob had a white Morris Minor prior to that also Rover powered,and a stock width jag irs out back still in its cage. Vlack know it became zeus nightclub Im sure there was a pic of the Camaro engine in that magazine that only ever done one issue,ive got it in the collection. Thats Wilfs mate "Spanner"in the pic he who had a powered Galaxie wagon and later a Orenge powered Chalenger.

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Still not sure on that yellow mk2?? I can remember being very impressed with the 'Prisoner' T Bucket, although I didn't have a clue what it was at the time. I see the car in grey primer waiting for the orenge to be added. Mick was that a Hot Rod Enterprises biuld car? Mate of mine,local scrap metal dealerwho owned one was known as the Flying Pig ,don't know about the car though:confused::p They were possibly called that because of Police use,you know like the Sweeney Granada model?

I've got a large pull out poster type thing with Paul's Mk1 Cortina on one side and little featurettes of cars on the other including Mike Keys sedan and a yellow jacked up Mini.

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If it is the one im thinking off,the Guy dont no his name used to go to the Weir and the Nats at great Leys. MOPAR and here it is, stuarts amc again, oh silly me xea was 2 more pics!

MOPARAM i've got a large pull out poster type thing with blacj mk1 cortina on one side and little featurettes of cars on the other including mike keys sedan and a yellow cnerry up mini. Dingwall Ave at the time I think the tyre place was right down the far end of the road that the indoor car show was on. Ive got a pic of the Challenger somewhere. Think that was probably an old mate of mine, Pete Warren from Croydon, we used to get down there from time to time, it also had a in it!

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Most of the stuff mentioned escotr before my time, but I can remember my Dad taking me to the show at the airport as a nipper, must heve been around '79 or ' One sat on the factory wheels from a 71 Roadrunner. Mick did have a MK 1 Capri that he went to Fibresports to have a see no bonnet made,in the end they made him up a see through 3-litre bonnet bulge.

Mopar Cruise pics the Reliant 4 wheeler was Bob Mortons?

What is it with this area and 2 doored Mk 2's? Had two and loved them.

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Mk4 zephyr estate, john brazils rover powered mk3 cortina instantmotion [it had dinosaurs etched on the windows! Was called 'California Motorcycle Co' but he's always changing the name! When i first see these pics i thought that was it to the left of Kens 55,but coulant of been?

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He was telling me about his V8 bike acquisition last time I saw him and was threatening to bring it up for some mods to be done. Would that be the same Mickey Tong of modelling cars fame? Richard King done the chop and i think the Transit rear arch work.

Mark did you ever go down americas down southchurch road or when it moved to westcliff boulevard cant be to many of em about, i remember getting in one at a breakers once, the front seats looked and were as comfortable as a chesterfield sofa!! MOPARAM heres some more, the first 4 pics i think this were from the january 87 cruise, remember now i was getting into mk2 cortinas Theres a pic of Micks 69 Camaro with side pipes not the engine as i thought.

So, is Sandy Tong a relative?

Me mate couldant believe it as a 19 year old who had just been biulding the Monogram Kit then sudenly there it is the real car. Now and again there would be a Red PB Cresta down there and a 3litre Capri with straight through pipes. Mopar think Wilfs MK2 might not have been out that long when you took that pic. Wilfs MK2 was blue when he first bought it,had Rover and auto,raised up rear complete with Spring Assisters,small rear arch extentions,no exhausts and i think chrome 5 spokes.

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I know it became Zeus nightclub I looked at the yellow Consul last year with a view to buying it, and obviously Wilf's car is still about and Ford Fever is still local. Was it the pavillion?

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