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Dirty doncaster babes

A running gag in this sketch is that, when Bunty leaves the pub, she plays a song on the jukebox which reflects her current feelings. Trudy and Ivan[ edit ] Trudy and Ivan played by Hugh Sachs are the owners of an extremely successful wig emporium which many well-known celebrities use. Unfortunately, he often breaks the conventions of that time period such as being a non-smoking, politically correct vegetarian.


Her gravestone is inscribed with the message "I Still Ain't Bovvered". Lauren Cooper's catchphrase "Am I bovvered? She also rubs salt into the wounds of the owner with regard to the details of her split with her husband.

Dirty doncaster babes

In another sketch, she claims she can speak seven languages for a conference, and doncastet to "translate" into nonsensical sounds that were based on linguistic stereotypes. Janice is shown to be the more vocal of the two, with Ray sourly providing, when opportune, such laconic sayings as: "Famous last words", "Listen to this".

Dirty doncaster babes

Diirty lonely and bored and just want someoine to tret them like ladies and make them feel special. She also appeared in the Christmas special that year but did not appear in series 3.

Dirty doncaster babes

The latter sketch was shot especially for Comic Relief You will be happy you didty. Elaine states that the wedding ceremony had to be short as they could not gauge the amount of sedative to give him.

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The three were amazed with hair straighteners and babess. This character has been referred to as the "Ulster Mum" or the "Northern Irish woman", however when Tate appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross one week before series three was aired, she told Ross that this character was called John Reilly's Mum after he tried to guess an Irish name for her calling her "Mrs O'Reilly".

Dirty doncaster babes

Kate and Ellen[ edit ] This sketch followed two office workers who sat next to each other. Ma Willow - Life at Ma's[ edit ] A parody of Life on Mars which features Tate as Ma Willow, the overbearing owner of the boarding house "Ma's" during the s, who takes in time-travelling policeman, Sam Speed, after he is hit by a car.

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Occasionally, their relations are featured, with humour derived from their similarities to the couple. Crap Croupier[ edit ] The sketch features a croupier who is extremely unprofessional in her job. He becomes particularly offended when, while on holiday in Spain ditty his male companion Leonard Mincing, a taxi driver offers to take them to a Hawaiian -themed gay bar called "Homo Lulu".

She is named as Hayley in the script book. Sandra Graham[ edit ] Sandra Graham is a professional businesswoman who starts a game of 'last hit' at her office, and goes to great extremes to ensure that she has the last hit.

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It is usual for Paul to ask a question to which Sam would reply "I dunno! I am open to both guys and girls or even group.

Dirty doncaster babes

Doncastet includes a windscreen washer, a vegetarian restaurant worker and a mime. Tate stated on This Morning that Georgie was her favourite new character.

While Ellen played by Ella Kenion is usually keen to get on with her work, she is frequently disturbed by Kate Tate. Lauren, her best friend Liese Jackson and her love interest Ryan Perkins are known as yobs. This prompts Georgie to shred it in the shredder that she had ly borrowed from Martin, before head butting Lenny Henry and saying "That'll give you a red nose".

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Unfortunately, her dog, Lady Penelope ended up ignoring Moo at an important contestresulting in their performance being dubbed as rubbish. In another sketch, Elaine lights a candle to represent Jerry's life, to be blown out at the precise time of his executioneventually realizing that the United States are six hours behind Britain, and that she has made an effort for the wrong time.

Dirty doncaster babes

Doncasger another occasion they evacuate a picnic after her children's friend Fergus accidentally consumes a gooseberry and cinnamon yoghurt that is one day past its sell-by date. She complains of whiplashpaints 's face to look like a crash victim, says that her trick flower reminds her of the flowers tied to a tree where the person died and claims that silver confetti reminds her of a shattered windscreen.

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Then, to end her long and drunken speech, she says: "And finally propose a toast, to me, and all who sail in me. When they invite a production crew into their workplace to make a documentary about them, they struggle to keep the names of their clients a secret, due to comments such as "If that jiffy bag doesn't get to Wembley Arena by 7 o' clock, it'll be the first time " Candle In The Wind " has been sung in crash helmets!

Their catchphrases often become slightly modified to fit the situation, for example "The dirty, evil, raw fish-guzzling bastards! Bernie[ edit ] The incompetent Irish nurse.

They all display similar behaviour to Paul and Sam, even doing the silent laugh. At one point in a sketch, she forgets her husband's name and just referred to John as "him". In the Christmas special sketch, after watching the wheel spinning, she faints.

This can be seen in another catchphrase; when asked about his sexuality he replies "Who, dear?