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Effect of adenosine receptor blockade: preventing protective preconditioning depends on time of initiation. Am J Physiol H, Thornton, J. Liu, J. Pretreatment with pertussis toxin blocks the protective effect of preconditioning: evidence for a G-protein mechanism.

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Times Cited: 89 Bishop, A. Improved functional recovery by ischaemic preconditioning is not mediated by adenosine in the globally ischaemic rat heart.

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Downey, J. Acetylcholine but esries adenosine triggers preconditioning through PI3-kinase and a tyrosine kinase. Mullane, J. Mol Cell CardiolTimes Cited: Physiol Rev. Weinbrenner, G. Snell, A. Circulation Downey, C.

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J Am Coll Cardiol. J Cell Mol Cardiol Critz, S. Ardell, J. Chelerytherine, a highly selective protein kinase C inhibitor blocks 110f antiinfarct effect of ischemic preconditioning in rabbit hearts. Mitochondrial K ATP channel opening during index ischemia and following myocardial reperfusion in ischemic rat hearts. Hypoxia preconditions rabbit myocardium via adenosine and catecholamine release. Thompson, R.

Downey model 110c series j

Goto J. Jacobson, J. Liu, Y. Tsuchida, D. Downey Preconditioning during ischemia: basic mechanisms and potential clinical applications. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. Infarct limitation of the second window of protection in a conscious rabbit model. Cohen, J,M. J Mol Cell Cardiol. Thornton, J. Haynes, J. No confirmation for a causal role of volume-regulated chloride channels in ischemic preconditioning in rabbits. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry VanWylen, J.

Thompson, J. Tsuchida, M. Downey A new model of controlled coronary occlusion in conscious rabbits.

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Opening of mitochondrial K ATP channels triggers the preconditioned state by generating free radicals. Hearse, J. Weinbrenner, C. Protein kinase C-e is responsible for the protection of preconditioning in rabbit cardiomyocytes.

Downey model 110c series j

Preconditioning the myocardium: from cellular physiology to clinical cardiology. Cell Vision Mullane, M.

Protein tyrosine kinase is downstream of protein kinase C for ischemic preconditioning's anti-infarct effect in rabbit heart. Yellon, J. Downey Evidence that the adenosine A3 receptor can mediate preconditioning's protection in isolated rabbit hearts. Cohen, M.