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ONE Kiki I swipe Juliette's face from my now black cell screen and clutch my cropped coat over my boobs. Winter isn't here yet, but the season's all the up-in-my-face chilled damp shit I hate. Seattle, gotta love it. Actually, I mostly do. I gaze around at the hundred-plus-year-old oaks dotting the University of Washington campus.

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Chet Sinclair leans against the outside, legs and arms crossed in an unassuming pose.

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It was kinda hot, I admit. I can do this. I snort.

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Dirty but true. Don't let the bullshit baggage of what's happened to us rule you. Wonders never cease.

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Lots of Seattle-ites are hipsters: boat shoes, fake glasses, low-slung pants, and a penchant to green living that approaches zealotry. Are you quite sure? Fashion matters, dammit. But I might see him. How many texts has he sent me?

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I feel my face pucker at that analogy. I don't like Chet.

Juliette had just texted me to say she and Thorn would be back next month. I spent my cash on my pad with the corner water view. Thorn's smile had faded esdorts he watched my expressions morph. Juliette and Thorn are safe in the east, jerking Mick's clubs back into shape.

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I smirked back. Thorn, a six-foot-three mountain of living muscle, and Chet, a sleek panther of rippling ivory.

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God, he's gorgeous. Wish I Where Anywhere but Here.

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Nah—as in a Porsche I roll my lip farther inside my mouth, gnawing the soft flesh. Actually, I'm sure he wants to go out, but I've made it clear I don't. I'm not into introspection shit.

I assume my little confession to Chet was possibly heard by Blondie and I'm beyond embarrassed. The class I just left was the last redmpnd credit I needed to get my criminal justice degree buttoned up. I'm so buried in my thoughts I don't notice the sleek car parked beside mine. Christmas break begins now.

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I know he might want to go out with me. I can't be there for the meth-fest anymore.

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They'll make gorgeous. It's officially over. And here he is.

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Kandace King doesn't give up. Who wants to lay claim to a guy who drugged young girls and basically raped them into pregnancy and a life of drug abuse and neglected children?

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The future looms large. Showing up in the UDub parking lot. I gaze around at the hundred-plus-year-old oaks dotting the University of Washington campus.