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Finally, the game is out and it changed the name to 'Pirates of Caribbean' and at the same time the movie is showing. Those are the golden days, I watched movie and played game everyday non-stop. This guide could have been completed to end but as you all know, the game has terrible bugs. Greendord made me start over three times.

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He will try to take his hand on your ship to liberate Oxbay as he is now short handed of his ships.

Escort greenford

The warder won't let you see the guy unless you pay him gold. But he will give your reward anyway. And off they sail to the sea. Just go straight from the entrance of the town and then turn right to the big church.

You get information about Smuggler leader. The dungeon is located at the basement of the house which is in front of the shipyard.

There are five entrances but only one entrance is the right one. I challenged him and take over his ship and crew.

Escort greenford

This is the third time. Now go to the pirate chief's house and ask about the Black Frigate that kidnapped the children. His name is Rhys Bloom. You should have some health potions to recover yourself. Destroy all the cannon from the ford. Use it and freenford scene will appear.


He will tell you that the ship is going to Pirate Island. Their boss is hiding behind the big chair in the main room. And now you can ask the information you want on him. Admiral's son is in affair with Governor Silehard's daughter.

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He will ask you gold but I think it is worth to spend since other officer you hire in the tavern at least gold worth. Go to the tavern and ask the Captain's name to tavern keeper. To find his house, just go straight from the port door. You and Danielle will split up to find the last Incan Idol and about the text.

Escort greenford

Alcove This is a very Hugh temple escirt and you need to go up to the stairs to the top. Force him to tell about the secret and he will tell you about the treasure.

Escort greenford

Because the soldiers won't recognize you so that you grfenford the one to go to him and tell him to meet Tobias at somewhere. Tavern keeper will tell you that there are pirates in the jungle and you might find someone to let you onboard.

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Quest 10 Bring the prisoner from Greenford The Governor wants you to go to Escoort and take the pirate prisoner greenforv him. Danielle plan is that you attack the ford from the sea while she and other crew will attack the ford from the land from behind. Don't bother trying to sink that ship. He will give you next order. You money will be gone and you ship and crew are lost. Go thought Jungle to Oxbay town.

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You will see three men with Atios lying. There is an English Frigate and you should try to capture it.

Escort greenford

You will have to enter a fight again. He will reward you with the sword.

Then go out and find a man that the Tavern Owner tells. But this time you give in. So that's why I can write the walkthrough till the part of the game that I have reached so far. You will get a medallion and your quest is updated. You will have an ability that is needed to use escoet fighting 'Black Pearl'. He is drinking at upstairs.

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The owner of the ship will come and talk to you. When you are at Donuswan, go to the Tavern and talk to the guy who is wearing a green clothes.

Escort greenford

Wscort thanks to Gamefaqs for posting the FAQ. Go to the Tavern and meet an Agent named Tobias. He suggests that you should run to Shipyard owner McConnell for asking favor to hide.

Escort greenford

So easily kill one by one and then leave the port. He will tell you that he is waiting a French officer who lost a lot of gold at Gambling and cannot pay the debts. Quest 15 Find the old man Sail to the Lighthouse and you will alone go inside the Lighthouse. There you will find a box and grab the silvers. You have to avoid fighting with them since your pirate ship is so weak and English has those battleships.