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Top of the hour. I'm Poppy Harlow in New York. And in just the last few minutes all around me these streets have begun to be cleared off. There in the distance, you can see that yellow utility truck. Such a welcome sight here in this city. But moving trees and getting power lines operational not going to be nearly enough in the Florida Keys.

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What it teaches you is that when we have a disaster like this, you really need to watch the weather and you need to listen to your local officials.

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Thomas for two years. This is the kind of day fishermen and divers dream of, with one exception.

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But what is needed right now? Our airport's still not haroow. We have a lot of power out in the state. It's remarkable to see. It's going to be weeks, months before they can get somebody in to do repairs. We opened up almost shelters around the state. A lot of private businesses and we have a lot of people on the island of St. We're hearing the words hurricane Hugo being the last time that flooding was this bad here.

We had people show up.

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Sort of the before and the after. Escors also got Senator Marco Rubio, who is asking officials, John, at this point to consider evacuating the lower Florida Keys, as he notes, as you did, no potable water, no energy, poor access to health is a recipe, in his words, for big problems. So that was -- that was important. They're so -- the people are so nice to them.

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That doesn't diminish the damage that was done. You know, I tell everybody, I've said this for the last week, is that, you know, we can rebuild your house, you can get your possessions again, but you -- escortss lose a family member, don't lose your life. Of course, there's a great amount of interest in getting to their homes, seeing what kind of conditions and cleanup they have to do. Any idea, captain, what mile- marker we would be at here?

We'll be doing probably two days of call with our utility companies saying, what can we do? And, John, let me send it harlow to you in Miami because I escort we're waiting for the governor, Rick Scott, to begin his next press conference with an update from Jacksonville, John. And are you getting on one? And that is a wonderful, wonderful thing. This area of town was developed later, so it wasn't as high as the area that we are, which is, you know, three or four blocks from here. But halrow our Cyril Vanier told us on the French side of St.

One of the biggest symbols, one of the biggest levers of that kind of military oomph is the aircraft fscorts Abraham Lincoln, now off the shore of Florida and beginning those helicopter flights, those rotating helicopter flights to the coast. We're coming up close here. There's a lot of homes that are lower, obviously. As far as we know right now, FEMA's not going door to door yet because the ro aren't cleared enough.

Our Bill Weir rode out the storm in Key Largo and now is on a boat heading south giving us just an amazing perspective of the scene there.

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But moving trees and getting power lines operational not going to be nearly enough in the Florida Keys. And we have Marines on islands now that are trying to clear ro so more than one car can pass at a time.

I'm Poppy Harlow in New York. Follow the weather. In front of my house on Broad Street, the streets were clear. We have over a million restored already. So hopefully the is going to come down.

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This one's coming down. That doesn't tell the story. And, you know, when's it going to come again, you know? WEIR: There's one to the left there. Maarten and St. When it was -- is it more than just another hurricane? So people are just trying to get escrts St. Talk to you later. But they appear -- they're just shocked how the flood came in.

You need the hardware store to open so you can, you know, get the tools to clear your property and start rebuilding. Esorts mean what's your home look like this morning?

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You can do national or local weather, but follow it. You can get on to the island now. No food. Much more on those outages, when it's coming back, next. Astronaut Randy Bresnik tweeted this after the -- of the Turks and Caicos from space. The big pines that are endemic to this part of The Keys, you can see, you know, on the storm side of them have been stripped away.