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Cooke observed, before the facts were collected, that the hunters "were probably intruders on indian lands.

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He arranged for better protection of the Santa Fe Trail and continued preparations for the campaign against the Navajos. Escogt Evans proclaimed that "anyone who kills a hostile Indian is a patriot. Garland was opposed to negotiations. Loring, to investigate and found the report was true. At one point, the stage station at Latham had accumulated about three tons rscort sacked mail. The non-Pueblo Indians were considered to be the major obstacle to the Anglo exploitation and development of New Mexico.

Besides Bureau of Indian Affairs officials and the army, other parties influenced Indian-white relations, including d and und Indian traders Pueblo, Hispanic, and Anglohunters who entered traditional Indian hunting lands, missionaries of varying religious persuasions, merchants who benefited from unsettled conditions, settlers who lost or claimed to have lost property to Indian raiders, and politicians who saw Indian problems as issues to be exploited for election purposes.

They frot attacked two emigrant wagon trains heading north.

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Captain Stanton and two privates were killed in the engagement. Garland reported at the end of October that all the Indians in the department had been quiet the preceding month, "not even a theft has been committed. Indiah give these men as much protection as possible, Loring ordered them to travel with the mail escort until they could ascertain, if possible, approximately where Johnston's command might be.

Giddings, considered the taking of food to be raiding and called on the army for protection. An escort was sent on March 15 to meet the westbound mail and see it safely through the region of recent hostilities. The unfortunate massacre of peaceful Indians at Colljns Creek, in southern Colorado Territory, in the late fall ofjust incited the Indians even more. Serialpt. They planned to the mail party as it passed Fort Union, but that plan was changed slightly. They followed the Indians along the Mora River and overtook them at a point about 35 miles from the post near where the Mora s the Canadian River.

A similar arrangement of troops from Fort Stanton to Preston Beck's Ranch was established for the same purposes.

Indian escort in fort collins

New Mexicans, who did not want the Indians located close to the settlements, petitioned President Franklin Pierce to reject the treaties. In the autumn of a report reached Fort Union that a of sheep had been killed near Wagon Mound, presumably by Indians. Platoons of 25 mounted troops and one officer were to be rotated monthly from Fort Union to the station at Hatch's Ranch. Both commands ran into deep snow which forced them to abandon the chase and return to Taos.

Governor Rencher reached Santa Fe on November At a time when Gonzales was not at the camp, several of the hunters killed two Indians and wounded a third who escaped. They were not to attack Indians unless provoked. Lane tempered his statement by adding, "of course we were not certain of all this, but believed it at the time. Some traders departed before the mail escort returned, apparently assuming that the presence of such a large body of troops would help assure peace along the route.

In this way, one of the missions of the Fort Union garrison, protection for the Santa Fe Trail, was achieved.

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Captain Jones, "by making drafts upon the guard house and Band," was able to send a ecsort and ten privates from the undermanned garrison the next day. Kit Carson later testified to Davidson's bravery: "Nearly every person engaged in, and who survived that day's bloody battle, has since told me that his commanding officer never once sought shelter, but stood manfully exposed to the aim of the Indians, encouraging his men, and apparently unmindful of his own life.

The troops carried rations for 30 days, including beef and mutton on the hoof. In late January he declared that the Jicarilla Apaches and the Utes "have been perfectly quiet" because of the presence of Fort Union. Fauntleroy replaced Cooke as post commander on September 18,to the campaign against the Jicarillas and the Utes in the spring of He ascertained that the hunting party of Pedro Gonzales of San Miguel had gone far beyond the Canadian River where the Indians had repeatedly warned them to leave, stating that a few hunters were imdian a problem but many hunters with wagons were not welcome.

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David Bell later charged that Davidson could have avoided the engagement and had exhibited poor leadership, thereby losing many esclrt his men unnecessarily. It was occupied until June 24,when the garrison was moved to a nearby site and Fort Garland was established. Colonel Sumner was satisfied that the new posts he had established closer to the Indians' homelands were having a "favourable influence" on relations between citizens and Indians.

The ranch become a military outpost in the department the following year. Lane noted, "so we tried to keep well.

Sturgis, were sent to Fort Union from Albuquerque, and Cooke was directed to keep the Santa Fe Trail open, escorting the mails and wagon trains as required. Beale, in charge of improving the Fort Smith road, spent almost two months at Hatch's Ranch in late and early The Jicarillas lost five men killed, including Chief Lobo, and several wounded. They stayed a day at Virginia Dale, and then scooted out of the territory in a hurry. The 'oldest inhabitant' cannot recollect the time when this could have been said with truth before.

Carleton was furious that this had happened near the post and under the watch of troops and exclaimed, "Had I caught or killed these Indians, dead or alive I should have hung them upon the trees at the point where they stampeded the horses.

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Reinforcements, 60 dragoons under command of Lieutenant Samuel D. The Cheyennes present defended Bent and his trading post, moving inside the fort to assist in case the Kiowas attacked. The soldiers who served at Fort Union, like soldiers everywhere, were usually evaluated in the short-term by how effectively they made war, but in the long-term it was even more important how effectively they kept the peace. In June they caught up with a party of Jicarillas in the mountains of present southern Colorado and attacked, killing six, capturing seven, and taking thirty-one horses.

Vrain sent the letter to Colonel Bonneville at Santa Fe, who directed Lieutenant Colonel Loring to send two officers and twenty enlisted men to Bent's Fort "with instructions, ostensibly, to look into the Commissary stores at that place. Stanton, which had been searching for hostile Mescaleros, attacked a Mescalero camp in the Sacramento Mountains of southeast New Mexico on January 20 and killed twelve Indians, including three chiefs.

The soldiers were then split into smaller detachments and posted at the stage stations, including Virginia Dale, and scattered throughout northern Colorado and Wyoming. It is not clear what building materials were used at that time, but the quarters at Hatch's Ranch were later described as built of stone. Southwestern Defense System before the Civil War. The Indians killed many of the cattle and fled.

Clements until further orders. The soldiers were especially pleased to have killed Chief Lobo who was considered the leader of the attack on the White party inthe killer of Mrs.