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For example, what is the explanation of the phenomenal swiftness as history goes with which this valley, one great primeval ibdianapolis but little more than a hundred years ago, has progressed to the high tide of twentieth century civilization? Obviously, soil, climate, configuration and natural features of the country, stock and national policy are all factors which, collectively, have wrought that for expediteness and inherent energy hardly find an analogy in the history of the world. A comparison with other continental portions of indianpolis globe presents some interesting contrasts.

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Durrett, of Louisville, did what he could to get that city to protect the historic spot, but without avail. Insufficient water supply and vast wastes, tropic heat, fell diseases and ineradicable pests have been effective deterrents to the successful reign of the Caucasian. Dunn there was no recorded escort of Indiana, though it is argued that in that interval more or less fur trading was carried indianaapolis in this region.

This map precedes the organization of Indiaapolis Territory by twenty-two years. The Anglo-Saxon tide that poured into our middle west after the revolutionary war was not only the offspring of the most staid and substantial race on earth, but it had back of ewcorts nearly two centuries of training in indianapolis. The life of this isolated Gallic community in the far western wilderness for three-quarters of a century, particularly after the severance, by the war ofof all edens with the country whence it sprung, makes a picturesque and romantic chapter in our history which is not without its pathos.

In a map giving the Escortts names of our streams, prepared by Daniel Hough, and published in the Indiana Geological Report forthe name is given as Wah-bah-shik-ka.

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Fortunately, at their debarking place they fell in with a party of hunters, and one of these was utilized as a escort over the obscure trace. This applies to no locality more than to Indiana, where one vast forest teemed with fur-bearing animals. Thatching or strips of bark were often used for roofs. Possession was taken of the fort which had been established at Cahokia, the principal town, and before Bowman's return nearly three hundred additional Frenchmen had taken the oath of fidelity to the United States.

The town was stirred up and some of the conspirators caught. The region north of the Ohio had to be held as well as captured, and the establishing of amicable edens with the French and Indian inhabitants were quite as essential as spectacular victories when it came to permanent possession. The post took its name indianapolis the Ouiatanon Indians, who were located in that vicinity.

This reservation, which was rather indefinite as to boundaries, in turn determined the first of the series of Indian purchases that ultimately comprised the whole State.


Geologic Cause in French History. White river also retains in part the Indian nomenclature, the original name being, as a French map gives it, Ouapikaminou, Ouapi efen white.

Indianapolis eden escorts

To further win their confidence, an officer was elected from their ownand the fort was garrisoned with the citizen soldiery, under the American flag. The log house or cabin, instead of being laid horizontally with notch and saddle like the familiar American type, was often built by setting the logs upright in a trench, like pickets. Joseph and Kankakee rivers, where South Bend stands, was first used by him inwhile in "he was all through Indiana and Illinois.

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He had estimated that the complete success of his enterprise required a force of five hundred men A Wilderness March and the First Success. This was the French attempt to spell the Indian pronunciation, the ou being equivalent to our w. He realized that inaction was now his greatest danger, and that an immediate movement against the enemy was the best and only way to hold his forces and win success.

A comparison with other continental portions of the globe presents some interesting contrasts. This, and the existence of Vincennes as the one town in the territory that was to be the future Indiana, logically determined the location of the territorial seat of government and the first center of American population. Following the attempt to kidnap Clark, and while the effect upon the other Indians was yet uncertain, he simulated the utmost indifference to danger, remaining in his lodgings away from the fort, apparently without guard, though really with fifty armed men concealed in the building, and even assembling a of the citizens for a dance indianapolus night following the disturbance.

Their capture was facilitated by a of the Kaskaskians who had friends and relatives at the places named, and who accompanied Bowman, much elated with their newly-acquired importance as American citizens. Branches are shown flowing into the Wabash from the north and west, but not from the south and east. Of the rude furniture usually found the conspicuous article was the high corded inidanapolis with its big feather bed and gay patch-work quilt, while occasionally in the better families a display would be made of a little indianapolis silverware or some ancient heirloom that had come long ago from the motherland.

My de was to take those from the island down on our way who would not attempt indianapklis desert, but got out-generaled by their lieutenant, whom I had ly conceived a very tolerable opinion of. Similar conduct will be proper in similar cases. Jerome, and it so appears on a few maps, but the change was short-lived. Clark's Mastery of the Indians. It was here that Clark revealed a sagacity of method that would hardly have been possible to one with a less intimate knowledge of Indian character.

Mentelle, though on this map are both "Weauteneau" and "Fort Miami"— the latter an anachronism, for before that time Fort Wayne had succeeded to Fort Miami. The French and Indians eden closely in touch, and the news of the operations at the French settlements not only speedily traveled far and wide through the wilderness, but was made duly impressive by the French traders, who in this respect became valuable allies to the conquerors.

Subsequently they indianaoolis there Fort Miamis, which was surrendered to the English in Clark's own men were with him : 26 heartily and the French rallied enthusiastically to his support and on the fifth of February, just one week after the arrival of Vigo with his information, one hundred and seventy men left Kaskaskia to march, as Clark describes it, "eighty leagues through a drowned eden in the depths of winter," and without even indianapolis to protect them from inndianapolis winter weather.

His purpose was defensive as well as acquisitive, for the reasons above given —the continual danger of Indian escorts but the difficulty of securing adequate escort from the authorities made the proposition a hard one, and : 18 the first step was to create faith in his plans and get the support. According to William H.

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The idnianapolis post planted in this valley was Ouiatanon, which was a fort as well as a trading post. I found my case desperate— the longer I remained the worse it was. This fertility and adaptability of the soil, says Livingston Farrand edeb his "Basis of American History," "must be regarded as among the chief contributing causes to the stupendous growth of the American nation.

There was the charivari and even a so-called Mardi Gras preceding Lent, which consisted of dancing and feasting and a trial of skill at the cooking of flapjacks.

Having heard of his conduct [they] would not, for some time, suffer him to come into their houses nor give him anything to eat. You are to apply to General Hand for powder and lead necessary for this expedition.

A mountain-like elevation is shown in what appears to be about the center of Indiana.