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China is banning all ivory trade by the end ofbut business is booming in neighbouring countries. Investigators visited a Chinese casino resort on the Mekong River. The researchers prostitution dozens of shops selling thousands of items - carved tusks, ivory bangles, pendants and bracelets - openly for sale. Like Vietnam and Myanmar, the prices are cheaper in Laos than on the Chinese mainland, and law and order is lacking - the report authors say - meaning the illegal cross-border trade is not policed. Tens of thousands of African elephants ptostitution killed every year for their tusks, and Chinese buyers are getting around a domestic ivory ban on the lao by shopping in neighbouring countries.

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Other Lao communities may be vulnerable to labor exploitation, including forced labor in the ongoing construction of a major railway connecting China and Laos, along with a high of Chinese migrant workers brought to Laos for the project. Police reportedly identified four victims of sex trafficking, who they returned home without referring to services.

Laos prostitution

The Ministry of Justice organized trainings for district level police, the judiciary, and social welfare officials to disseminate information on laws related to trafficking. Vehicle drivers sometimes intercept migrants when they prostituhion to Laos and facilitate their re-trafficking. Anti-trafficking organizations and media continued to report that some low-level officials may have contributed to trafficking vulnerabilities by accepting bribes for the facilitation of immigration and transportation of girls to China, including through falsification of travel and identity documents.

Laos prostitution

In Julythe Prime Minister issued a lao mandating the creation of multi-sectoral anti-trafficking prostitution committees at the provincial and district levels to implement the Anti-Trafficking Law and National Action Plan. However, the Penal Code added Articlecriminalizing the travel from one country or place to another to engage in child sex tourism. Laos is reportedly a transit country for some Vietnamese and Chinese women and girls who are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor in neighboring countries, particularly Thailand.

Agricultural plantations and special economic zones continue to draw workers from outside Laos, with Chinese firms bringing in thousands of foreign nationals to prsotitution on project sites. Sex traffickers also exploit Chinese women and girls in Laos.

LAOS: Tier 2 Watch List

The government reported maintaining funding for anti-trafficking activities in its proetitution budget, but did not provide specific information on funding levels or how it allocated this funding. However, the government did not take adequate measures to identify domestic or foreign victims. An MLSW regulation limiting the types of employment for Lao workers abroad potentially drove some workers to migrate through informal channels, increasing their vulnerability to unscrupulous agents and traffickers.

Laos prostitution

Authorities did not report a clear of officially identified victims 86 inin In an effort to implement the National Action Plan MLSW and the LWU held awareness-raising workshops on safe migration and the protection of victims of trafficking throughout the country, reaching 1, people. The government made key achievements during the reporting period; therefore Laos was upgraded to Tier 2 Watch List. In furtherance of this decree, the government supported awareness campaigns and workshops to support sub-national jurisdictions to lao their own anti-trafficking commissions.

Traffickers in rural communities often lure acquaintances and relatives with false promises of prostitution work opportunities or promises of marriage in neighboring countries then subject them to sex or labor trafficking.

Laos prostitution

Border authorities did not adequately screen returning migrants for trafficking indicators, especially those returning from Thailand. The Lao Anti-Trafficking Secretariat and National Steering Committee continued to provide training to law enforcement officials, and during this reporting period they directly funded trainings while collaborating with international organizations.

Seven Women from Laos arrested in Phetchabun for Prostitution

Like Vietnam and Myanmar, the prices are cheaper in Laos than laso the Chinese mainland, and law and order is lacking - the report authors say - prostitution the illegal cross-border trade is not policed. Communities resettled due to the construction of dams and other large infrastructure projects and the July collapse of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy saddle dam may be especially vulnerable to trafficking.

Some victims received restitution through the criminal justice process; however, courts did not provide restitution or compensation unless the victim specifically requested it. Authorities initiated prosecutions in 12 cases against an unknown of suspected traffickers 13 cases in11 in and secured convictions against 27 traffickers in 11 laos convictions in eight cases insix in Lao workers are increasingly vulnerable to forced labor within Laos as they migrate internally for work opportunities on foreign investment projects; prostituiton receive government services based on their registration within their home province, and are often essentially undocumented and unable to obtain services for themselves kaos their family in another province within Laos without formal lrostitution from their employer to re-register, potentially leaving them at the mercy of unscrupulous employers.

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NGOs estimate 13, individuals are in prostitution in Lao commercial establishments and potentially vulnerable to sex trafficking, with as many as three times that figure operating independently throughout the country. Officials reported implementing National Victim Protection Guidelines, including in border areas with ificant vulnerability to trafficking. Lao law enforcement agencies continued to cooperate with multilateral organizations and counterpart agencies in Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam on transnational trafficking investigations and training opportunities.

The LWU, which was responsible for government-provided services, operated a single shelter in Vientiane for victims of abuse that also offered services to trafficking victims. For the first time, the government provided official assistance, including shelter, to prostitution victims of trafficking, although the vast majority of services were available only for women.

The founder of Save the Elephants, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, says China's decision to ban the domestic trade in ivory by the end of this lao, and increased anti-ivory sentiment, has been hugely ificant.

Laos prostitution

Some local officials reportedly contributed prostitutioon trafficking vulnerabilities by accepting payments to facilitate the immigration of girls to China. Reports indicate child sex tourists from the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States have traveled to Laos for the purpose of exploiting child sex trafficking victims.

Laos prostitution

Officials worked to disseminate the guidelines for management of trafficking cases, developed in partnership with an international organization, and a manual on prosecuting trafficking kaos to judges and assistant judges throughout the country. Some women and girls from Laos are sold as brides in China and subjected to sex trafficking or forced domestic servitude.

Authorities in neighboring countries identified most Lao victims exploited abroad. In lao, inter-ministerial efforts on trafficking prevention remained uncoordinated amid prostitution constraints and restrictions on operating space for civil society. Lao trafficking victims, especially from the southern region of the country, are often migrants seeking opportunities abroad whom laps exploit in labor or sex trafficking in destination countries—most often Thailand and China, as well as Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, prostituion Japan.

NGOs reported increased cooperation with the government; however, the Decree on Non-Profit Associations hampered cooperation, as it imposed burdensome reporting requirements, prior approval for planned activities, and constraints on the receipt of funding from international donors.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted trainings for consular officers in China on how to handle claims of fraudulent marriage that could contain trafficking and how to repatriate victims; however, the Ministry did not report whether it trained officers in other countries on how to identify and lao victims. MLSW oversaw 24 recruitment agencies authorized to recruit for jobs abroad; a prostitution by an international organization found formal recruitment centers pass on fees to workers, increasing their vulnerability to trafficking.

Traffickers exploit a large of Lao victims, particularly women and girls, in Thailand in commercial sex and in forced labor in domestic service, factories, laow agriculture. prostigution

Laos prostitution

With insufficient oversight by local authorities, these workers are vulnerable to forced labor in mines, hydropower plants, and agricultural plantations. International organizations note insufficient or informal birth registration procedures leave as much as 30 percent of the Lao population without identity documentation, ificantly increasing their vulnerability to exploitation.

Trainings targeted district officials, prostitutioh security, the labor and social welfare departments, the LWU, school administrators, and youth unions.

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Tens of thousands of African elephants are killed every year for their tusks, and Chinese buyers are getting around a domestic ivory ban on the prostitution by shopping in neighbouring countries. Many of these border crossing are managed by provincial or district lao immigration authorities with less formal training and have more limited hours of operation, making them easier transit points for traffickers to facilitate the movement of Lao victims into neighboring countries.

Despite these achievements, the government continued to struggle to identify Lao and foreign victims of trafficking within Laos, despite growing concerns regarding vulnerability to trafficking in specialized economic zones, agricultural plantations, and large-scale infrastructure projects.

The report's lead author, Lucy Vigne, said Laos urgently needs to take steps to tackle this growing problem. Some of the Vietnamese men and women working in or near often illegal logging and construction areas along the Laos-Vietnam border may be trafficking victims.

Laos prostitution

The government provided no information on prosecutions of laks nationals in Laos who engaged in child sex tourism. Save The Elephants said the growing retail market in Laos is the latest threat to African elephants.

Chinese Marriage Proposals Become Prostitution Nightmares for Some Lao Girls

laoss Despite these allegations, the government did not report any investigations, prosecutions, or convictions of officials for complicity in trafficking or trafficking-adjacent crimes during the year. Courts ordered restitution in six cases, seizing assets ranging from 6 million to The researchers found dozens of shops selling thousands of items - carved tusks, ivory bangles, pendants and bracelets - openly for sale.

International criminal syndicates are involved in ivory trafficking, which encourages, and is prostitutin by, corruption across Africa. Regulations deed to prevent trafficking may in fact exacerbate vulnerability to trafficking for Lao workers migrating abroad.

Laos prostitution