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Gay and gay friendly artists and models gather in an private setting to produce art that is more edgy than typical art groups explore.

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No hired models, we will take turns posing and drawing eachother.

We typically meet on the second week of each month in Boulder and in Denver every third month. Sexuality does not matter as long as you are comfortable with an all male group and models who can voulder be frisky to overt in their posing. I'll likely pair you with some one so I need to have a sense of your looks and limits.

Nude boulder models

Light snacks and drinks, fun music. Our group features: Open drawing session, no instruction. Interested models should send pics and detialed modeling fantasies. Open to sketchers of ALL skill levels including beginners, hobbyists and fine artists.

Connect. Discover. Share.

A 5th week in the month that includes our meeting day usually means a special bonus session where members can pose too. Our next Sessions: Boulder: On hold due to Covid Requirements: I will need a photo or 2 of you to promote your session on our private, members only site. A one or two sentence response such as "open to anything," does not show me that you can bring it.

I hate, hate, hate it when I pair up some guys and then one complains about the other once I book them. boukder

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The nude male models are posed in classical, sensual and occasionally sexually provocative ways. The photos have to lure in the boulser and make them want to draw you. Keep in mind it is modeling, not dating. They are chosen for their beauty or their sexual energy and not for their experience as models. Keep in mind that the photo not only documents your looks, but shows the artists what kind of energy and ideas you'lll share nuee the group.

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Let me know if you are interested in solo or partner posing. Lack of experience is not a big deal but lack of enthusiasm, creativity and boulde would be a problem. I need to how you will express that in your poses, be specific about what will turn you on in posing. It is a fun group with members of many ages and sizes. Poses: are really what the model decides where he wants to take us.

In general the poses are held for about twenty minutes with appropriate breaks. Put "Drawing Group" in the subject line.

Nude boulder models

Confirmed models who cancel will be moved to the bottom of the list and no shows certianly will not be asked back. Be specific if you have limits on the other model's looks.

Additional Information

Some models might do leather gear, others not. Format: 5 2 minutes gestures, one 10 minute, five 20 minute poses and some five minute poses. If two models wanted to pose, the movels could pose together, The model will be incharge.

Nude boulder models

I won't use the photo bouldr the public site. Anyone can come and no need to pose. I need to know that you can bring creativity, eroticism and enthusiasm.

Interested models and artists for details. Gay and gay friendly artists and models gather in an private setting to produce art that is more edgy nuve typical art groups explore. The blunt reality: I am not against older or heavier guys posing for our group but please be able to also find a partner to pose with that has a jodels contrast of some kind to you such as: skin color, body type, age, look, etc.

No longer booking newbies bouler don't show, auditions should weed out the flakes. Bonus weeks: Sometimes we host a casual members pose and draw night.

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At a minimun, just a bit more provocative and sensual than a normal figure group. Dull photos means low turn out and you make less money. Some models would pose with a hard on, some would not. I've got a lot modelw models to choose from so if you don't give me details bouldre you contact me, I won't have much to go on and will likely hire someone else who has shown me that they can make the session worthwhile.