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Laid down at Nihon Kokan K. Wakita Mami is posted ookinawa Equipping Officer. Attached to the Kure Guard Unit and later based at Saeki. Reserve Lt Sakamoto is the Commanding Officer. LtCdr Hijioka is posted Chief Engineer.

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Undergoes repairs. LtCdr Hijioka is posted Chief Engineer. CD is also strafed and suffers only slight damage, 2 crew are wounded. The convoy arrives at Tsingtao, China the same day. Edcortsthe convoy enters Ipil anchorage, south of Ormoc while the destroyers patrol the bay entrance. K's Yard former Maizuru Navy Yard. Atthe ship sinks at N, E. Attons remaining ammunition in No.

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AtCD departs Ormoc sweeping ahead of the convoy. They had landed about 1, men of the 49th and 57th Infantry Regiments both belonging to 1st Army Division at Ormoc.

Okinawa escorts

Still loaded automobile gasoline catches fire causing a fierce fire at her forecastle while seawater floods No. Meanwhile the towage continues its work, but the seas steadily worsen and the forecast is for truly severe weather. Three crew and 16 shipboard gunners are KIA.

Okinawa escorts

Her portside outer propeller shaft is bent from the exit of the shaft tunnel. The ships form the 1st echelon of TA No. That help is soon forthcoming. At the entrance to Ormoc Bay the destroyers form a ring shape formation and while zig-zagging open fire against the enemy planes. About 50 troops, 18 out of gunners, okibawa requisitioned worker and 3 out of okinaa crew are KIA. The enemy planes are immediately engaged by own fighters which are all lost.

USHIO engages in rescue work. Upon arrival CD runs aground in Sabtang Channel.

Okinawa escorts

Atthe ships arrive at Woosung where they are replenished. The same morning, she departs Cap St. The auxiliaries, two destroyers and the crippled cruiser now settle down to a nerve-wracking wait for improved seas.

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Each of the three kaibokan makes two turns landing about a total of 6, soldiers in this way. Several torpedoes explode on the beach, but there is no damage to the ships. Once the minefields are detected and charted, shipping in the Escortd of Japan will be open to predation by American subs. Fromthe Japanese carried out several salvage attempts.

No own aircraft are in sight.

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Normally, there are more than 50 Daihatsu landing barges at Ormoc Bay, but many have been blown onto the beach and half-buried in the sand by a typhoon the night before while several others have been destroyed by escors planes earlier this day. They find the cruiser still on an even keel, and except for her mangled stern, rolling easily.

The second bomb explodes in the engine room causing total devastation. Cdr later Captain George E. By now, the convoy has split into four separate groups.

Okinawa escorts

Attached to the Kure Guard Unit and later based at Saeki. The soldiers have to stand close by close hereby completely encircling gun and machine gun mounts. From here the ships receive air cover from about 10 patrol planes while crossing the escortw Bashi Channel. Cargo unloading capability is reduced to 30 percent. AtCD is simultaneously attacked from two directions. Edcorts rudder engine is inoperative and a fire breaks out inside No.

Okinawa escorts

The flames expand and the ship stops. The following day, pieces of cork and oil are sighted at N, E.

Okinawa escorts

At the entrance to Manila Bay the convoy passes patrolling kaibokan CD and then speeds southward at 15 knots. The escorts are heavily straddled by bombs but suffer no damage.