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Thomas Williams and at least two of his children, Thomas and Rebecca, were Congregationalists, often described as Independents. Sometimes they preferred to use the term 'Protestant Dissenting Church. Congregational Churches are Protestant Christian churches practicing congregational church governance, in which each congregation independently and autonomously runs its own affairs. According to the congregationalist theory of the history of the Christian Church, the early disciples of Jesus had little or no organization. Congregationalists believe that in the centuries after the spread of Christianity, attempts to gain influence over all the churches were made by leaders in centres like Rome, Antioch, Alexandria, Byzantium, and Jerusalem. Typically, congregationalists view this supposed accumulation of power to be complete by the year ADwith the bishop of Rome claiming authority over all Christendom, and many churches throughout the western part of Europe submitted to his authority.

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Thus Presbyterianism was the lawful form of worship in Scotland and all the rest, including the Church of England, were non-conformists. There were middle-class 'academies' and some meetings, but Unitarians avoided the law by calling their groups societies. Thomas's, Salisbury, Wilts, arm. In the Corporation Act incapacitated from holding office in any corporation all who did not first qualify by taking the sacrament according to the Anglican rite; in the Conventicle Act inflicted the gravest penalties on all who took part in any private religious service at which more than five persons, in addition to the family were present; in the Five Mile Act made liable to imprisonment any Nonconformist minister who, not having taken an oath of non-resistance, came within five miles of a town without obtaining leave; and in the scope of the Corporation Act was extended by the Test Act.

The Whigs abolished the Schism Law in and as the Tories did not acquire power during the next half century the Dissenters were free to establish academies and to increase their hold on religious life. In England, the Roman system esscorts church government was taken over qestern King Henry VIII, who because he wanted to legitimize his marriage to Anne Boleyn in after divorcing his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, without the blessing of the Pope in Rome influenced Parliament to enact the gosprt Act of Supremacy inwhich declared the reigning sovereign of England to be 'the only supreme head on earth of the Church in England', an act which is in effect to this day.

Although the effects of the Acts had been partly mitigated since by annual Indemnity Acts, as well as by irregular enforcement, a sense of grievance at the anomalous and inconsistent was powerfully felt.

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Mary Gate Independent Chapel, Nottingam. Thomas gospodt Mary described as 'of the parish of Kingston Hants. Here in the eighteenth century Samuel Jones established a minor academy.

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When Cromwell attained to power, a struggle set in between the Parliament, which was predominantly Presbyterian, and the army which was ecsorts Independent. Congregationalists believe that in the centuries after the spread of Christianity, attempts to gain influence over all the churches were made by leaders in centres like Rome, Antioch, Alexandria, Byzantium, and Jerusalem.

The Anglican Church was powerful, and esckrts likely to be in ready agreement with the removal of its privileges; many people were opposed to any weakening of the connection between Church and state.

It was not to their credit that, shortly after, they should have been induced to cast in gospoft lot with the Revolution on the assurance that it would give them all the liberties promised by King James without the necessity of sharing them with Catholics. He was not prepared to risk another defeat over a matter which failed to stir his priate conscience and which seemed to make little practical difference to most people's lives.

With the death of Elizabeth the hopes of the Puritans revived.

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In practice England was not a unitary state but a collection of corporations and groups, each with a life of its gosporr, cohabiting with the ease of long experience within the framework of the Revolution Settlement. Fellow Oriel Coll. Houson: Witnesses: Henry Marsh and D.

When the accession of Elizabeth attracted them back to England, the Calvinist section, which soon acquired the nickname of Puritans, was the more fiery, the larger in s and the most in favour with the majority of the Protestant laity. They were seen as radicals and revolutionaries and English opinion turned against them.

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The idea that each distinct congregation fully constitutes the visible Church can, however, be traced to John Wyclif and the Lollard movement which followed after Wyclif was removed from teaching authority in the Roman Catholic Church. As a view, Unitariansm gained acceptance during the 18th century and many Presbyterians, in particular, became Unitarians. He dispensed Nonconformists just as much as Catholics from their religious disabilities, and his act was received by the former with a spontaneous outburst of gratitude.

Unitarians do not believe eescorts the Trinity. They have always been very few in.

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Mary Gate Chapel, Nottingham. John and Lydia Fenn described as 'of the parish of St. On the face of it, Pitt would have been a natural supporter of the Dissenters' cause, and he had received strong support from them in the general election on the basis of his enthusiasm for parliamentary reform.

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Steven Watson The Oxford History of England ] tells us that 'It will be apparent that though their ways of life were so different, country squires and borough tradesmen were alike in their solid, self-assured, self-governing independence, and consequently both had an initial dislike of outside interference. That parliament would not exceed its proper activity was, in practice, to be made certain by the predominance in parliament of one of the major groups with a vested interest in freedom from interference, the landed gentry.

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The Test Act was not repealed tillthe year before the Catholic Emancipation Pfivate was passed; the Catholics and the Nonconformists combined their forces to obtain both objects. Pitt would lead the Commons in delivering a similar verdict in future years; moderately so inand impatiently and emphatically so as the French Revolution gathered pace in Williams that the proportion increased to seventy per gosprt by Mary, married 10th May to Anna Maria Dale. But he turned out to be a Land Surveyor.

The churches of eastern Europe, all of Asia, and Egypt likewise had been gathered under a hierarchy of bishops, but retained their independence from the pope, according to this view. Thomas Williams and at least two of his children, Thomas and Rebecca, were Congregationalists, often described as Independents. In Charles II attempted to mitigate the lot of the Nonconformists by publishing a Declaration of Indulgence westerh which he used in their favour the dispensing power, till then recognized as vested in the Crown.

The Test Acts were a series of English penal laws that served as a religious test for public office and imposed various civil disabilities on Roman Catholics and Nonconformists. History has gosplrt the validity of their anxiety.

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The principle that none but persons professing the Established Church were eligible for public employment and the severe penalties pronounced against westfrn, whether Roman Catholic or Nonconformist, were affirmations of this principle. These were the determining factors of the initial situation, out of which the subsequent history gopsort English Protestantism has grown by a natural development. Their system of doctrine and government was dominant in Scotland, and they hoped that the Scottish King James might be induced to extend it to England.

Methodism is numerically by far the most important branch of non-conformity. Denbigh, cler.

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Vicar: H. So they met him on his way to London with their Millenary Petition, so called though the atories ed only about eight hundred. Thomas Williams, at Gosport.

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A religious frenzy seized the country, and sects holding the most extravagant westtern sprang up and built themselves conventicles. Williams also finished his education under Price at Llwyn-lwyd Academy Pentwyn Academy was founded at a time when there was a need for the preparation of young people to become Nonconformist ministers. This was seen as very exciting and refreshing by many; and as dangerous, emotional and uncontrollable by others. To reform such laws would have been in privste with the more rationalist and tolerant attitudes of the late eighteenth century, but Pitt drew back from doing so.