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It won't even buy a full tank of gas. But in the sex-for-sale industry, buyers have quite a few options, most of which are not suitable to be printed in the newspaper.

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From my motel-room window, I can see him fidgeting with the bill on his baseball cap.

Prostitutes in memphis tennessee

Last week, two stings netted more than 80 prostitution-related arrests. Cracking down on prostitution is a never-ending battle for police, one made more difficult by the street knowledge of the hookers. She recounts one horror story after another of how women essentially are held in bondage in the industry.

Prostitutes in memphis tennessee

But three years after the zoning ordinance was passed, the hourly-rate motels have not moved from their old locations in the commercial districts. And, as of July 1, pimps are required to be tested upon conviction as well. But the laws seem to lack teeth.

suspended. If you are the owner please submit a ticket to our support team.

The stings could be held as much as three times a week, he said. After several minutes he retreats into a room with one of the black hookers. Thorsberg said the DA's office handles prostitution-related cases on a daily basis.

Prostitutes in memphis tennessee

According to the county's business-tax division, no new hourly-rate motels have opened since The officer looks suspiciously at everyone, but he soon drives off. She approaches my car and gets in the passenger side without asking. X-rated view Residents in one South Memphis neighborhood near Lamar Avenue also are fed up with the proliferation of prostitution in their area. When she sees my duffel bag, she looks disappointed. He can see it firsthand from any one of the windows at his company, Gates Lumber at S.

A person who appeared to be working at the Bellevue Inn and declined to be identified did admit that the motel rooms in the area often are used by prostitutes. It won't even buy a full tank of gas.

Newell says. First, they're lured in with the promise of all the money they'll be able to make.

Prostitutes in memphis tennessee

They're not going to go through all the trouble of going to the Health Department, getting their records and bringing them to us. And it's recently come to light that in many strips clubs, back rooms are used for prostitution. He said the motel owners prostiuttes be held able. Of the prostitution-related arrests made this year in Memphis-Shelby County, about 20 percent took place along Bellevue, which mephis into Elvis Presley Boulevard to the north of the South Parkway intersection.

Prostitutes in memphis tennessee

If business is slow, it becomes a buyer's market. One of the hotspots known for prostitution is Bellevue Boulevard. About 10 minutes pass before the man and the prostitute leave the room. If the distance rule were broken, the could be rescinded, and the owners could not reapply for a for another 12 months.

Prostitutes in memphis tennessee

Although the court might order anyone arrested for prostitution, patronizing prostitution or promoting prostitution to take an HIV test, it's up to that person to return the to the court. Can I get back to you? Hourly-rate motels first received attention inwhen the Memphis City Council attempted to zone them into the city's industrial hinterland, away from both residential and commercial areas. A few minutes later, a police car rolls through the parking lot.

Crimes in ,emphis motels often go unreported, argues Carolyn McKenzie, an activist with Citizens for Community Values, a conservative political organization.

Prostitutes in memphis tennessee

The women who sell their bodies for money or drugs probably wouldn't want to call police, either, even if they are the victims. Often, the pimps are doing more than promoting the offense; sometimes they force women to engage in the act.

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The ordinance required appeals to go through the state courts, even though the city had no power to schedule the appeals, which had mmphis be heard lrostitutes a timely fashion, according to the federal judges. No homicides, but seven reported assaults, three robberies, and a stolen car. But in the sex-for-sale industry, buyers have quite a few options, most of which are not suitable to be printed in the newspaper. Thirty-four police reports have been taken since Carol Wiley is the director of victim assistance for "A Way Out," a program that takes women out of the sex-for-sale industry and helps them turn their lives around.

Hayes was arrested through the use of a decoy, a procedure that is most effective when prosecuting prostitution-related cases, said Mary Thorsberg, assistant district attorney in Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons' office. Two dour-looking men wheel a cleaning cart with creaking wheels into the room the couple just left.

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Cheaper by the Hour Three years after a new zoning ordinance attempted to relocate them, hourly-rate motels are msmphis operating in the same neighborhoods. A white man in his early 20s pulls up in a blue Ford truck with Kentucky plates. I shut off the engine and turn off the headlights, but I do not get out. And we'll lock some of these folks up," Newell says.

Prostitutes in memphis tennessee

Court officials must jump through all kinds of hoops to view those testThorsberg said. The motels persist as the most accessible place in Memphis to both buy and have cheap sex, and they continue to blight declining neighborhoods.

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The lighted on the marquee along the street re, "Whoop, there it is. While on the surface this appears to be a problem that's raging out of control, law enforcement officials are addressing the issue, said Lt. Any time a new motel is established, or any time hotel or motel owners sell their business, the new owner has to apply for a special permit with the Office of Planning and Development. The street is heavily trafficked with prostitutes prostitutrs the men patronizing them.

I tell her maybe later. Business is still slow.

Prostitutes in memphis tennessee

As of about three years ago, men patronizing prostitutes are required to be tested for HIV upon conviction.