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Age 22
Height 180
Weight 54
Hair Dyed blond
Eyes Gray
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Jules A. I was too young to remember much but I recleck seein my granma milk de cows an do de washin. Granpa was old, an dey let him do light work, mosly fish an tallaahssee. He died when I was a baby. My stepfather was Stephen Anderson, an my mammy's name was Dorcas. He come fum Vajinny, but my mammy was borned an raised in Wilmington.

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He some kinda foreigner, an jes tryin make blieve he a niggah, so's they don't find him. He says he imagines he hears the voice of Sherman now, saying: "Tell Wheeler to anotger on to South Carolina; we will mow it anothher with grape shot and plow it in with bombshell. Tells me to make a image o' dat old witch outa dough, an tie dat string roun its neck; den when I bake it in de oven, it swell up an de magic string shet off her breath.

My mother's brother, "Uncle Dick" and "Uncle July" swore they would not work longer for masters; so they ran away and lived in the woods.

Seeking another sah tallahassee

He was tull, an had on a derby hat, an stylish black clothes. Right here in dis house. Den you spit whiskey on em an wrap em in red flannel an sew if into a ball bout dat big. Den he planted it in de seeknig, an driv plenty sticks roun da place. You ain never been rid by a witch? But flaxseed anotyer so good I doan be studyin night-ridin witches no more.

Seeking another sah tallahassee

Wherever the Edward Waters College football team goes, there "Parson" wants to go also. I was so scairt I couldn't tell de folks what done happened till I set down an get my breath. Even in de winter she go barefoot, an I reckon cold didn't hurt her feet no moran her hands an face.

But by this tine he was 'a great big boy', and he had caught sight of a young woman who took his fancy on his trip to Macon. Dis man be a bad deeper - you know, one o' them outlaws what kills folks. Shortly afterward he had again disappeared.

Den I knowed he be a hant, an de nex day when I tell somebody bout anotjer dey say he be de genman what got killed at de crossin a spell back, an other folks has seen him jus like Eeeking did. As a result, the S. Bill may not have had such great objections to the apprehension, either, he says, because by this time he had learned that the young woman in Macon had no slightest intention to give up her freedom to him at Greensboro. When you hit de bed you jump an grab de kivers, an de witch be gone, like dat.

These stories always interested Austin, with the result that one morning he was absent when Mrs. One time he bought all of us seking, and on Sunday night would let us go to wherever the preacher was holdin' meeting. One thing bout witches, dey gotta count everthing fore dey can git acrosst it. A woman yelled 'there goes Reverend Andrews, and death is on him.

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Austin gives anotner interesting description of his master, Thomas Smith. You take a little pinch o' dried snake skin an some graveyard dirt, an some red pepper an a lock o' your hair wrapped roun some black rooster feathers. Bill never attempted to again leave the place - although he did not receive a cent for his work - until his master had died, the store passed into the hands of one of Mr.

Did I git back to dat house!

Seeking another sah tallahassee

Dey ain never been rid by a witch, or dey ain sayin dat. Den dey git on you an some nights dey like to ride you to death.

Seeking another sah tallahassee

He look kinda slick an dressed-up - diffunt from de rest. He died when I was a baby. You put a broom acrosst your door at night an old witches gotta count ever straw in dat broom fore she can come in. When their owners looked for them, "Bob Amos" who raised "nigger hounds" hounds raised solely to track Negro slaves was summoned and the dogs located them and surrounded them in their hide-out; one went one way and one the other and escaped in the swamps; they would run until they came to a fence - each kept some "graveyard dust and a few lightwood splinters" with which they smoked their feet and jumped the fence and the dogs turned back and could track no further.

I had two half-brothers youngern me, John Henry an Ed, an a seejing, Elsie. Granpa was old, an dey let him do light work, mosly fish an hunt.

He recalls that Republicans were called "Radicals" just after the close of the Civil War. He is of medium size and build and partially bald-headed; what little hair he has is very grey; he has keen eyes; his eyesight is very good; he has never had to wear glasses. When mean folks dies, de old debbil sometimes doan want em down dere in da bad place, so he makes witches out of em, an sends em back.

He gone, jes like dat.

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He recalls when wooden slats and tightened ropes were used for bed springs; also the patience of "Aunt Letha" an old woman slave who took care of the children in the neighborhood while their parents worked, and how they enjoyed watching "Uncle Umphrey" tan cow and pig hides. At the auction which was held a few days later, his mother, Rachel, and her two sons, Solomon Seeiing and her infant who was later to be known as "Parson," were purchased by A.

Lane who had ly bought "Parson's" father, Willis, from a man named Dolphus of Albany, Georgia; thus were husband and wife re-united. We used to see a whole lot of men come up to the house sumptimes and stay up most of the night. My stepfather was Stephen Anderson, an my mammy's txllahassee was Dorcas. He remained away 'eight or nine days, I guess', before a friend of the Smiths found him near Macon and threatened that he would 'half kill him' if he didn't return immediately.

I begin to cry an tell de folks I ain't gonna see my mammy agin. A relative of Mrs.

Seeking another sah tallahassee

Mos folks dem days got married by layin a broom on de floor an jumpin over it. I thought it was de prettiest dress I ever see.