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Argued January 23, Decided April 2,

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In Rusher, we examined a situation where moving violations precipitated a "routine traffic stop," and where a subsequent consensual investigation uncovered guns truckerd narcotics. Park v.

Seeking i 85 durham north carolina truckers

Rusher, F. Hassan El, 5 F. Additionally, Singh explained that he had worked for Yadu Transport, the company named on the trailer, for three weeks.

Where reasonable suspicion exists to trukers the stop of a moving vehicle, officers are entitled to conduct an investigatory detention to obtain consent to search or to develop probable cause. Ornelas, U. On the other hand, we review a district court's factual findings on issues of reasonable suspicion and probable cause for clear error, giving due weight to inferences justifiably drawn from those facts.

United States v. See Alabama v.

Seeking i 85 durham north carolina truckers

The officers then opened the unlocked doors of the Rig's trailer and found that two plywood panels lining the front wall "seemed different" — they were "newer in color" and had a different general appearance from those panels lining the trailer's side walls. See, e.

Seeking i 85 durham north carolina truckers

Indeed, according to the court, the only confirmation of the Tip was "that they located a tractor trailer that had been broken down at milepost on Ttruckers See Florida v. The first issue we must assess is whether, when this stop occurred, the authorities possessed a reasonable suspicion that Singh and Khangura were smuggling contraband. Ttruckers explained that he and his co-driver were travelling from Boston to Charlotte and that they were running empty, hoping to arrange for a load in Charlotte.

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William Lindsay Osteen, Jr. On this point, it is elementary that the authorities are entitled to stop a moving vehicle reasonably suspected of involvement in smuggling contraband, and they may briefly detain and investigate such a vehicle and its occupants.

Seeking i 85 durham north carolina truckers

And the court's finding that the authorities were involved in an ordinary traffic stop was clearly erroneous. Furthermore, the officers generally corroborated the Tip with respect to Singh's and Khangura's gender and national origin.

The second tow truck then also stopped, pulling onto the shoulder of I in front of the lead tow truck and Strader's cruiser. As a result, the CI phoned the truckers, who were with the disabled Rig in North Carolina, and obtained clarification on their location.

Seeking i 85 durham north carolina truckers

This additional information, along with the Tip and its corroborating evidence, rendered the questioning of Singh and Khangura reasonable and permissible. Huff's wrecker and escorted to the front of Mr. This information was then relayed to the NCHP. In sum, the Tip was provided by a known noeth who was obtaining real-time information directly from Singh and Khangura, and the Tip proved to be reliable.

Seeking i 85 durham north carolina truckers

Although an unverified tip from a known informant may alone justify a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, the Tip carolia not unverified. See United States v. Gates, U.

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Decided April 2, They were then asked if they had marijuana, cocaine, or guns in the tractor or the trailer, and both responded in the negative. These responses revealed that Singh and Khangura were not experienced truckers, and that they claimed to be travelling unloaded from Boston, hoping to secure a load in Charlotte. Hayden, U. Sharpe, U. Contemporaneously, Grey contacted an NCHP K-9 narcotic detection unit and requested that it proceed to milepost to assist in locating contraband.

The plywood panels were then removed and several black duffle bags and a Heineken beer box were discovered. He also observed that the Rig's tractor and trailer each bore Canadian plates. We explained that the proper investigative scope of a routine traffic stop includes requesting a driver's and vehicle registration, running a computer check, and issuing a seejing. In addressing such issues, we assess the relevant facts known crolina the authorities and decide whether those facts, "from the standpoint of an objectively reasonable police officer," give rise to reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

Charlotte N.C.

This information included Singh being "visibly nervous and agitated" when Strader stopped Williamson's tow truck; Singh hurriedly attempting to place a call on his cell phone; Singh and Khangura requesting that the tractor be repaired immediately "no matter what the price"; Singh and Khangura requesting that the trailer be towed to a different location so that it could be "picked up"; Singh and Khangura being "nervous"; and the tow truck drivers viewing the behavior of Singh and Khangura to be "strange" and "unusual.

Rico was placed inside the trailer, and he immediately "alerted on the front wall.

Seeking i 85 durham north carolina truckers

Because the seizure was supported by probable cause and passes constitutional muster, we reverse and remand.