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Learn to draw the human figure!

About me

A key method in getting an interesting pose is for your shoulders to be turned in relation to your hips.

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When do I get paid? It is very helpful to have a description of yourself and a simple face picture. I know, it is ridiculous. Groups are often advertised there and the shop staff may know of contacts.

Seeking nude model for art project

Men can be worried about getting erections and women can worry about their periods. I will give you full guidance. In the quick poses you move your feet round each time so that different people have a back view.

Seeking nude model for art project

If you are local to Cambridge you could model for me individually or for my artist groups. I sometimes get a of modelling enquiries all at once, particularly in October. It is natural to be prjoect, especially at first. Additionally get the name of a contact and write in with your details. Many issues are discussed in the Figure Drawing Group click on and enter as a guest.

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Peter's Nudist Site also has an excellent on the first experience as a model. If that is too tricky then just send me an with same information.

Modelling is an interesting and rewarding experience. Other places you could try.

Hackney, London - Gender: Female

More than that I really need you! Or we might copy a position from a nure or sculpture. But my artists are serious in their work and often would really like to take a photograph to support their work outside of the class. Men are much in demand and are sometimes more difficult to recruit.

Life Drawing Workshop.

Be available during some daytimes especially Monday morning and Tuesday afternoons. For students one bonus about the class is that we are almost in a different world from the University. However I might consider you if you live along the guided bus route. The class is grouped in a circle around the set where you model.

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Can I meet you first? Go to your local library and ask about life drawing classes in schools and local colleges. Yes, excellent idea, but I will only consider meeting you once I have your application form. The first poses are usually one, two or three minutes long.

A Day in the Life

It moxel be very difficult for me sorting through, especially if I get a rush of enquiries all at once, and even more so when I have a fairly good of people already. What kind of poses shall I do? More computer-wise models could set up a simple web with their details and a photo.

Hope to hear from you! How do you get my attention?

Seeking nude model for art project

Unless you are in Cambridge or very close by I cannot offer any specific guidance. You need have no worries about lacking ideas for poses!

Anything goes, and the more energy you put into your work the more you will be appreciated. You should declare this if you are eligible to pay tax. We value your work very highly. Make life easy for me! Where else can I get modelling work? I try to reply positively within a week or so but it may be a bit longer at busy times.

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Send me an with some information about yourself. I like to get to know you so that you become comfortable and experienced in the class. Photography Photography is not permitted in the classes. Additionally and ridiculously small things can inadvertently go xeeking you, such as not attaching a photo, or a photo with bright red lipstick, or asking me to search elsewhere for it on facebook or instagram.

Getting started There is always a private area where you undress. Then send me an with some information about yourself and a photo.

I do not use models beyond Cambridge. Send a reminder that you are still interested. Write enough, but not too much. For men: clean shaven, or at least well trimmed!. This is because I like to employ a variety of people.

Recommended Life Drawing Materials (Blick)

Arrange a time to visit me during the break in a class at Buchan Street. I usually check your location and availability immediately to see if there is anything I can offer you right now. Alternatively ask if you could put up your own advertisement. There is lots of information here and I keep adding to it - so print it out and keep checking back!