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Name your top five all time favorite horror films from the Netherlands. How about just a top three?

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It's gory.

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Even I have to admit that when it comes to slasher flicks, the Netherlands sits on equal par with India and Madagascar as countries that I don't traditionally think of as great guyy genre producing empires. Cause let's face it, what's scarier than the ever running tunnels of a mine shaft.

Top two? It all starts with the obligatory introductions that are quickly forgotten when an expected car accident leaves one of the starlings of the film Victoria Koblenko without a father figure.

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Helping matters along is the Ouija Board that one of the expected victims brings along in an attempt to communicate with her father which coupled with their presence le to a night that has moments that harkened me back to the glory days of Evil Dead where demonic possession of your best friends le to some awkward moments of 'geez, I really liked you, but I am going to take you head off with a shovel'.

And it's foreign, so at least you can tell your friends that you are broadening your intellectual scope. With enough decapitations to do five or six films, Slaughter Night delivers the goods and let's face facts. But this movie just got to me.

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But as we all know, box sedking does not necessary dictate good film so it was up to the first chapter of the flick to catch my attention. You don't have to look further than the overlooked film My Bloody Valentine to get sleighs claustrophobic feel of being in a cold, dark and damp place where daylight is about as far away as me getting some action at the conclusion of this gore fest to understand how a mine shaft could be the perfect breeding ground for carnage.

Slaughter Night did not disappoint. Call me old fashioned, but this is the kind of box art that gets me to stop in my tracks when I'm scouring seekint video store shelves for a DVD to watch with the girlfriend late on a Saturday night. So, what better way to escape the memories of the horrific incident than to gather a group of friends and travel to a mine where her father was working on a book about the infamous Andries Martiens.

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Name your top five all time favorite horror films from the Netherlands. But then I got a surprise in the mail with seekkng Netherlands slash and gash film Slaughter Night Sl8n8. So for all you horror fans out there that rent and buy crap DVD after crap DVD based on cover art and quotes thrown on movie posters from reviewers that might not even exist, Slaughter Night is the perfect addition to any horror collection. The accident is alarming and comes tlv one week after a similar shocking moment occurred in the opening set-up of Disturbia.

It's violent. The films packaging caught my eye immediately with a young blonde in a red hoody sitting in a pool of water with a shotgun tucked behind sleighte knees.

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It all begins in where murder has two girls bound in his wooden shack of an abode where he of other unfortunate younglings lie perched atop spokes. I must admit to sitting with a grin on my seking for most of Slaughter Night and really, I have to definitive reason why.

All the movie has to do now is connect the death of Andries Martiens in the mine to a group of hot looking, expendable young things and you have a horror film that is the perfect compliment to the Pretty in Pink you had to sit through to get to your half of the double feature. The production values were good and the story was fun enough to sit back and enjoy while the body count added up like a tilted abacus. It's all been done before and without subtitles to boot.

How about just a top three?