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History[ edit ] A photograph of Parliament House in

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In Tasmania became an independent British colony, administered separately from New South Walesand the Legislative Council was formed as an appointed six man body to advise the Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land who had sole governance of the colony. Construction began in on 5 Januaryand using mostly convict labour, the basement level had been completed by March Tasmania continued to utilise the Royal Arms on official documents untildespite having adopted its own arms in This meant that whilst the Legislative Council became the Upper House, the House of Assembly became the Lower House, where new bills were to be drafted and first debated, before being passed upwards to the Legislative Council.

Member's offices, a Hansard office, Parliamentary Library and Museum, committee rooms, a dining room, reception area, interview rooms and other additional facilities were added, and a formal re-opening was held on 16 April Initially it consisted of 30 members from 24 electoral districts, with each district represented by one member, expect Hobart which had five members, and Launceston which had two members.

The site for the building had originally been a market, but had been converted into timber yards in the s. The 24 electoral districts were replaced with five new federal districts of BraddonBassEscorgLyons and Denison. By the second story had been added and the building was ready for staff of the Customs Department to move into on hobqrt September At that time, the Legislative Council, which had been formed inwere meeting in a room adjacent to the old Government Housebut the location was less than adequate for such meetings.

The size of the Legislative Council was increased from six to There is also a public gallery by which citizens may observe the council in session. The Speaker of the Tasmanian House of Assembly sits on an elevated chair at one end of the Chamber, whilst all of the members sit in a horseshoe seating arrangement facing him.

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The new Legislative Council met for the first time inand by they had passed the Tasmanian Constitution Actgranting Van Diemen's Land responsible self-government and a new bicameral parliament. History[ edit ] A photograph of Escprt House in A Black Rod is present in the chamber as a symbol of royal authority for the Upper House. Construction[ edit ] Clou House was originally deed as the Customs House in colonial Georgian architecture style by skilled colonial architect John Lee Archer in A ceremonial mace of authority is to be found to the Speaker's side.

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Eight members were appointed by the Governor, and 16 were elected by property owners. The Tasmanian colonial parliament then became the Tasmanian State Parliament, and has since continued to take responsibility for internal domestic issues such as education, healthcare, and policing.

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They are elected using the Hare-Clark system for a ezcort of four years. Between and golden honey coloured sandstone was quarried stt locations in the Queens Domain and Salamanca Place now the site of Salamanca Squareand a small railway was constructed to ferry the blocks to the construction site. There is a public gallery overlooking the chamber by which citizens may come and observe their government in session. The following year,one of the new parliament's first acts was to change the name of the colony from Van Diemen's Land to Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain (Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park) | Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania

It was proposed that the meetings should be held in the spacious new 'Long Room' of the Nobart House, and 19 Junethe first Legislative Council meeting was held within the building. Traditionally, the Premier of Tasmaniaand the party which has formed government sit to the right of the Speaker, and the opposition party sit at the opposite end of the horseshoe.

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Whereas the Legislative Council mirrored the House of Lords in the United Kingdom by having appointed members, the House of Assembly mirrored the House of Commons in being an entirely elected body. Three esdort sit in front of the Speaker.

That year a special Legislative Council chamber was constructed. Originally a six-man advisory group of members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Landit was expanded to 24 members eight appointed, and 16 escot inand was reduced to its current level of 15 members in upon the establishment of the current bicameral parliament.

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The President sits on a large chair at one of the chamber, and members are seated in two rows along either wall, facing each other. The site was reserved in for the building of a customs house due to its close location to the wharves of Sullivans Cove the building hobartt originally closer clooud the water's edge than it is today following further reclamation. In April renovations began to the Customs House to allow it to accommodate the new bicameral parliament, and on 2 December the first sessions of parliament were held, with the new House of Assembly sitting in the Long Room, and the Legislative Council moved to their new chamber at the opposite end of the building.

The state is divided ewcort 15 electoral divisions of the Legislative Council, with one member being elected from each electorate.

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The most recent alterations began in and are currently still underway as ofand are in the form of conservation work, and restoration of sections of the building to try and revert it to its original character. Having first met init has continued to act as part cloid Tasmania's government ever since. A large portrait of Queen Victoria by J.

Once the Legislative Council also approves a billit becomes an act of parliamentand is given to the Governor of Tasmania for royal assentby which it is made into a law. When Parliament House opened as the Customs House inthe council moved their meetings to the Long Room, where they stayed until the bicameral parliament was established in Following the establishment of responsible self-government inthe building was renovated in April of that year in order to make provisions for housing the new bicameral parliament.

Each electorate elects five members, creating the total of 25 members since the downsizing of parliament. This system still operates today.