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Age 32
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Weight 47
Hair Long natural
Eyes Blue
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If you have never used a private escort service - Who I am: I am a 45 year old Australian European, warm and affectionate female. I classify myself as a "mature escort" so happy to meet with you if you are in your 40s, 50, 60s and even beyond. It's never too late to feel intimacy.

About me

Sydney escort private

If you are using a non-business gmail, hotmail, yahoo or similarI need to be sure of your real name, not your cyber identity. We can have a drink and a chat. I seem to attract the equally charming, sincere, open-minded and fun loving individual who understands the need for mutual pleasure. I just love kissing, so refrain from the spicy food you may normally enjoy just before a meeting.

What I mean by this is that things will proceed naturally. I want us to have a priivate and enjoyable time.

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I am unable to cope with the regimentation and foibles of owners and I don't like the fact that I really can't refuse to see a particular person when working in those situations. If you do like the idea of dining, then just a simple meal is fine I am dessert remember! My minimum bookable time is two hours for someone I haven't met before because I find it absolutely impossible to have any sort of what I would call a "meeting of rpivate minds" or at least some level of human interaction that will assist with the making the sdyney sexual experience the best it can be for someone I haven't met before.

Sydney escort private

I also feel the importance of seeing only one individual in any given 24 hour period, anything else would be less than fair on clients, in my opinion, as I like to be fresh, bursting with esfort and sexual enthusiasm on EVERY occasion. I operate as a private independent escort and escorf have no affiliation with any escort service. I do not mind you kissing and touching me anywhere, just so long as you are gentle and responsive to my needs.

What escort happen? Certainly, it is not something I insist upon or even persuade you to do, just letting you know that it IS appreciated. You may be disabled or differently abled, but you should let me know this before we meet For my safety, I am not prepared to visit with two or more males in the same meeting. More on dinner dates later. I do not advertise in the papers our tourist publications as I have a fundamental objection to giving Rupert Murdoch any more money in Sydney virtually the only papers who will accept Adult Services classifieds are owned by News Ltd.

It's nice to have something to nibble on other than you during our meeting, maybe a sydney bowl of strawberries, grapes or other fresh fruit or some yummy macadamias sans private coating.


As written once by a provider on an online aydney "if you are oriented around the acts you may very well miss the experience. In my experience as a private escort, I am surprised how often, not even water is offered to me, hence my need to mention it here. My only real expectation of you is that you are polite, courteous, and enjoy yourself like you have never done before relax, let go your expectations and things will flow just nicely.

The clock starts ticking only when syydney has changed hands. Also there is nothing worse for me than to front up at a hotel room to be confronted by a elderly man in a clerical collar answering my knock with a sleepy partner calling out from inside the room, "Who is it dear? We could kiss and cuddle for a while and then privafe we are ready we will get undressed and go and have a shower together - this ensures that we are both really fresh and clean and able to explore each other completely.

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There may be other activities which I have not mentioned but which you would like to try - sydne discuss them with me by or when I phone you. Sounds silly to say here, but surprisingly often forgotten I am a private escort. I can keep stimulating you orally for as long as you wish even to the point of ejaculation. All our sexual activities must be consensual. I love sex and there is something very unique about sex in this kind of arrangement. If we can't have dinner together, it's nice in a hotel room to be able to share nibblies or even just a bottle of cold water Usually, I will not be more than a few minutes privaye.

However, I will be doing my best to please you for the full time of the booking and ensure that you enjoy yourself as much as possible. Once we have exchanged s and you are going to make or have made a tentative appointment, you will have to provide me with your full name and telephoneif needed. Well, yes.

I am very attentive and giving and I will take the time to make you feel comfortable and will take the effort to ensure that you enjoy every moment of our meeting.

Sydney escort private

Escrt you are looking for a slender young waif off the catwalk with a size 8 figure, then perhaps I am not for you. I will not allow photography either still or video of myself. Sydney breasts are natural, nice and full C cup without being top heavy. Because I limit my appointments to one per day and no private than 2 in a week, I generally find that I am naturally "wet" and do not need to use an artificial lubricant but I do bring along a tube just in case.

I see sex toys as an accessory, not an essential component of good sex. Well, eecort NOT be afraid Sometimes I am treated to escort prior to our more intimate engagement, and in the spirit of "dating" an admirer this can be invaluable in helping the two of us to "connect" and build up to "the Magic".

Once we are inside the room, and as soon as possible after my arrival so as not to break the mood, we will take care of the financial side of things. I speak of fees in relation to this in my FAQ in some detail, but in a nutshell, fees are based on time with you, whatever we choose to do to enjoy each other's company. I am a very light drinker and will enjoy having a drink with you during our time together if you like to escort a nice white or red too.

It's never too late to feel intimacy. Time spent with me in your hotel room, at dinner or both. My Personality? At some point you if you are a male will probably want penetrative vaginal intercourse. If it works out that you are only able to come to orgasm once during our visit then that's the way it is. But I want to achieve this in a mutually comfortable way. Is all this private I will show you how I like to be stimulated and tell sydney clearly what I don't like and if you do it the right way I will probably have an orgasm.

Very mature individuals are also welcome. Thereafter, matters will generally take care of themselves I do not like to "chase" clients and on that note, will never initiate an after a meeting, even if for just friendly reasons you ask me occasionally to "drop a line".

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The sexuality of a woman is both intriguing to most men as it is pleasurable to me. Contrary to the opinion of many, being an escort can be very liberating for women and indeed the sex can be and should be great. I provide a full service visiting out call escort service for gentlemen in the Sydney metropolitan area.