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From there you can take bus or train to Aalborg. From Frederikshavn: Use the E45 southbound to Aalborg. From Hirtshals: Use the E39 southbound to Aalborg. From Aarhus: Use the E45 northbound to Aalborg. The buses don't go at night, and taxis are very expensive.

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Here you will meet hundreds and hundreds of Danish young people, who are out to have a good time. From Hirtshals: Use the E39 southbound to Aalborg. Exchange Aalborg Exchange Aalborg consists oloking approximately 15 medical students, where Professional Exchange aalborv Research Exchange work together arranging the stays of the incoming students. The composition of the research means that it ranges from basic science issues to visible application in society. For more information please visit: www.

Getting to Aalborg Denmark has four airports.

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Your contact person will be able to help you with this. It has plenty of beautiful beaches and just south of Aalborg is the biggest forest in Denmark, Rold Skov. Social program We will inform you about the social program before you arrive. Because of its position close to the fjord there is an expansive harbour front. Today he owns a beauty clinic in Beverly Hills. It is the biggest barstreet in all of Denmark, with about 30 nightclubs, which all have their own theme.

The social program will be the Especially during summertime Aalborg is the place to be. Some of our tasks consist of providing the exchanger with a contact person, arrange social programme and finding accommodation.

Visiting from aalborg and looking for fun Searching Fuck Girl

From there you can take bus or train to Aalborg. Be sure to be ready on time! Each bicycle has a coin slot for 20 kroner - You get your kroner piece back again when you return the bicycle.

Visiting from aalborg and looking for fun

Skagen is also known for its intensive nightlifeespecially during the summer. Start reading these wikis thoroughly! It might be possible for you to rent a bike privately from IMCC Aalborg otherwise you can rent a city bike: In Aalborg you can find the city bikes dotted around the town in allocated bicycle stands. Sygehus fub is the biggest hospital with most of the different departments, while Sygehus nord is most known for its department of gynaecology and obstetrics, and its department of paediatrics.

Visiting from aalborg and looking for fun

Friday and Saturday they usually have club events and live music with a variety of different DJs. If you like to go out having a beer or dance at night, you can visit Jomfru Ane Gade. If you bring your phone you can buy a Danish SIM card which makes it cheaper to use your phone in Denmark. Accomodation In most cases you will be staying at dorm rooms at the hospital.

From Aarhus: Use the E45 northbound to Aalborg. This is a street, which is located in center of Aalborg, and that only contains of night clubs, beer bars and small fast food ts. Both at the fkr and the hospital research is conducted with great and world-acknowledge.

A Danish Road Trip: Part 3 – Aalborg Monroe horney girlfriend

Things to bring to Aalborg When visiting Denmark, there are some things that you need to bring with you: Cash Dollars lookihg another worldwide currency to change money at the airport to Danish DKK. In spite of the size of the town, it still has plenty of night clubs, restaurants and cafes, shops, cinemas and fitness options. There is also a city bike scheme where you may borrow a bicycle after giving a kr 20 deposit.

Visiting from aalborg and looking for fun

The best way is still to get around by bicycle, you can rent one close to tourist information office or at several other locations using the city-bike system. Just a few meters from the most central point of Aalborg Nytorvetyou will find the new and hottest place to hang out whenever the sun is shining.

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If you like to shop, Aalborg has two whole streets and two big shopping centers. Please have in mind that Exchange Aalborg is only run by volunteers. It is a very popular event in the end of May. Aalborg is also close to Aarhus, the second lagerst city in Denmark, where you can go by train. Your contact person will also take you to the hospital the first day.

If you visuting at Copenhagen Airport Kastrup we recommend you to buy a total flight ticket and take a flight directly to Aalborg Airport it will take about 30 minutes. Every Wednesday night they invite you to meet new friends and if the mood strikes you party all night long.

Visiting from aalborg and looking for fun

Ole Henriksen sometimes visits Aalborg to present his most recent beauty products. From Frederikshavn: Use the E45 southbound to Aalborg.

Attractions in Aalborg

Aalborg is located in the north of Denmark, in the region called North Jutland. History The early settlements of Aalborg traces back over 1. Aalborg is famous for making its own liquor, akvavitsnaps, which is the national drink of Denmark, along with beer. The buses don't go at night, and taxis are very expensive. You can fpr go by train to Aalborg city from Copenhagen Airport Kastrup it will take about hoursbut flying is often a cheaper alternative. You may have heard this name before because he is also the man behind Sidney Opera House The biggest carnival event in Northern Europe takes place in the streets of Aalborg.

We do whatever we can, to make sure that the stay become an unique and unforgettable experience!

Visiting from aalborg and looking for fun

The street has everything you need to have a fun night, whether you want to relax over a cold beer with your friends or dance all night. They are both located in center of the city. One would say that Denmark is a flat country, but in fact Aalborg is quite hilly if you go just outside the city centre; this is especially known to all the students that bike to the University of Aalborg everyday - this makes you sweaty in the morning! The well-known Danish skin cosmetician, Ole Henriksen, whose skin care products are sold internationally, is born in a city near Aalborg.

It is a beautiful town with lots of small yellow houses and a busy fishing harbor, a beautiful scenery and light many artists have used through many years. From here there are busses to Aalborg city several times a hour, and the ride takes about 20 minutes.